In the technology era children still crave connection

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Are you worried like many parents of children growing up in this technology-driven era? Are you concerned about what they are being exposed to? They are being bombarded constantly with a never-ending stream of content. For many children, it is a lot to take in and there are no stop points.

It is having a huge impact on children’s self-esteem and ability to remain positive. Let's face it the news these days seems to be nothing but sad and negative. In this technology-driven space, children need our support more than ever through good leadership. I bet as a parent one often doesn’t think about the leadership at home too much. You are probably thinking that’s a work thing right, but it is equally important at home as it is at work.

The technology era is like a train that is moving at super high speed, grabbing us all through screen addiction and often making us unable to turn off. For every negative there is an equal benefit so what do we do? There are now two generations completely engrossed in technology from school to home and play because it is literally in everything we seem to be doing. We are still yet to understand the effects on this for the future.

We all can seek answers to almost anything at our fingertips, giving us unprecedented access to knowledge. If used well it could transform our society and the world we live in for the better. The question to ask yourself is: Are your children using technology to learn and grow? or are they using it to numb themselves with mindless unhelpful rubbish? The key to the dilemma of technology is the same as everything in life, it requires balance.

In the short term, cars are going to be driving themselves. Soon enough we will have no contact with anyone in a supermarket, store or restaurant. What image does this conjure for you? What about the human interactions that bring us joy? We all miss them, children included, when they are gone.

In lockdown throughout COVID19 children have had to endure weeks and sometimes months of homeschooling, away from their friends and the education system they know. Do your children miss the technology from school or do they miss the human interaction with their friends?

Throughout COVID19 I have seen many children and parents struggling with lockdown and homeschooling. These times have brought huge problems with internet traffic and homeschooling dramas. Many homes have all the techno-gadgets one could imagine, but it is simply not enough. This is because humans crave human connection. Children are no different, even in the technology era that is fast evolving.

Soft skills are essential to be able to engage person to person. We all long for connection that simply cannot be achieved through technology. Take the time with your children to foster connection, along with the soft skills required to maintain it despite the growth of technology. If we don’t one day will all suddenly realise that we lost the most vital human ability that exists within us all, human connection. I hope that this day never comes.

If you would like to find balance in your life and teach your children the soft skills to support a positive and balanced future. Consider a family mindfulness session to help bring your family together through connection beyond technology. We can either make the technology express train work to our advantage or our disadvantage, the choice is yours.

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