Anxiety - A child's story of hope through Yoga

My mother used to say I had a front bigger than Myers department store, a well known large store in the city I grew up in as a child. Only she knew I was hiding. The rest of the world, it would seem was fooled by my cool, and well-orchestrated facade.

Are you hiding behind a facade? Whilst below the surface, there still lies a child filled with fear and anxiety?

As a child, this was me. Many people who know me today could not imagine this could have been possible, but it most definitely was. I put on a big show. However, I was a child filled with anxiety about almost everything, just below the surface. I was consistently worried about everything from school to friends, family, and not being in control of everything. At times it felt completely overwhelming in my life, but I bottled it all up inside.

It took incredible energy and elaborate coping mechanisms to orchestrate this elaborate smokescreen of coolness, until one day it the cracks began to show. The dark cloud moved in over my head, and I felt nothing at all. I had somehow separated myself from all emotion and connection in the world and settled for protection instead.

By this time, I was in my 40’s with what seemed like a great life on the outside, but the impressive trappings of the external world no longer satisfied me. It was time to go in to realise my purpose and reconnect to my authenticity.

Today I call this place in life ground zero. At the time I was there for the first time, I didn’t realise how beautiful a place it was to be. Ground zero is like the stopover in the journey of life. It’s the stopping point where it feels like someone pressed the pause button. Here you are given an opportunity to regroup and move forward with purpose in your life, as a whole authentic person.

Do you feel like you are on pause? Maybe feeling like Groundhog Day is on repeat or like me, becoming detached and feeling nothing at all?

Welcome to a beautiful new world where anything is possible. That’s right absolutely anything! It is pretty exciting when you consider it this way, don't you think?

The trick is to know how to answer these questions. Have you arrived at ground zero? Why are you here? How do you move forward? Because without an understanding of these questions, and the support needed, some can remain stuck at ground zero for what can end up a lifetime.

So ground zero is many things to many people. It could be a health scare, the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or it could be the end of a career, that had once satisfied you along with many other things. It is really just an ending, waiting for the next beginning. For every ending, has a beginning that follows in a beautiful continual looping pattern.

In yoga, we understand this through the process of breath retention. and more specifically, the spaces between the breaths. This is the understanding of what can occur, in between when you breathe in and out. The spaces between breaths are something in life most give very little thought to, hence why many get stuck at ground zero, unable to find their way forward.

I have both used personally and professionally as a Yoga and Mindfulness Coach, the valuable skills of breath retention in breathwork, with great success.

Sometimes in life, the answers to our biggest problems are hidden in plain sight, waiting to be discovered. Learning, understanding and practising breath retention is meditative and almost magical in what it can bring into your life.

My philosophy I share with clients about meditation is simple. Time spent in meditation is like practising to live well. Then when you need it in life, it is already there below the surface in your subconscious and can rise naturally given the opportunity.

The same applies to breathe retention. For myself and many, I have taught, it feels like a mild form of anxiety to hold your breath in the practice of breath retention. Through practising and expanding this practice, you are basically building your resilience capacity for mild suffering. Something that as humans is absolutely inevitable in life.

The feelings and emotions that arise during times at ground zero can range from emptiness to sadness and anger. Breath retention helps you to feel into these emotions and release them through your breath naturally.

Anxiety is no longer a huge part of my life. These days, it is rare for me to experience anxiety at all, that I cannot control. My yogic practices have brought back harmony in my life, and by continuing to practice, I remain there every day.

The harmonious and progressive approach to relieving anxiety is more simple to achieve in life than most think. Starting with small steps, that over time integrate good yoga and mindfulness practices into your life.

Change is not only possible for everyone, but there is also the infinite potential that exists, untapped within us all.

If you would like to know more, book a FREE discovery session and learn how you too could potentially dissolve your childhood anxiety completely, with the support of Yogic practises in your life. You have the manual already. However, I can help you find the pages to look at to find the answers you need.




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