Big Magic - It may be hiding in plain sight

Updated: May 14

The words big magic conjure up all kinds of thoughts. There is magic to be had in the world everywhere we look. However, sometimes we can't see it because we are looking through the wrong lens.

The beautiful book of the same title written so delightfully by Elizabeth Gilbert, will brush your heart with a magical kind of creativity, should you let it in, that will never leave you.

She writes of a journey moving ever so gently away from fear where you can live creatively. Beginning with courage, weaving in her own delightful story she will make you laugh, cry and possibly even squeal with excitement as you joyfully turn the pages of this book, that quite possibly might even bring back some joy that was once lost.

I remember vividly reading this book one summer lying out in the sun. It was poignant to be reading about the magic of creativity because I was in the process of reigniting my very own at the time. Every word in every passage felt beautiful to read. It was like I was journey right alongside the author as she bared her soul on the pages.

In many ways, some of the stories she shared were nothing short of remarkable. They ignited courage within me as if she was giving me permission from her heart to mine to blossom.

In my business as a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, this is something that I share with clients frequently. It is incredibly humbling to be vulnerable and then, in turn, ignite the vulnerability flame within others. This, however, is exactly what courage is all about. The courage to grow into your greatness, to be bold and show others the way forward to discover their greatness too.

The intimacy of the words on the pages of this book will remind you that we are all broken and fragile in some way, but we are never beyond repair. Whether you have learned to defend your weakness, it is clear in every word that she wants you to grow, and is prepared to bring whatever she must personally to help you on your way.

One of the most beautiful stories in the first chapter of the book is the story of the road trip. I won't wreck the story because it is yours to read, however, I know it will resonate with you in your very own way on a deep level.

The chapter on enchantment moves from fear to magic, and it will make your heart sing with joy. She talks about the arrival of ideas and what happens if you say no, yet also what magic can happen when you say yes to creativity in your life.

This blog you are reading right now would never have been possible if I had not said yes to bringing the magic of creativity into my life. It is yours to have too. Welcome her into your heart and feel the growth and power of creativity as it blooms. Not only for you but for also those around you, because once you share your creativity, the beautiful ripple effect is profound.

There is so much magic and joy, within the pages of this book that I promise you it is a must-read. Whether you are paralysed by fear or confident in life, there is something to glean from the beautiful words written so eloquently yet with a depth of humility that is rare in the world.

If you lean in even just a little, as you read this book, you will discover the big magic that exists within you. It may just be the beginning of a beautiful journey that will unfold over time, just like mine has, or it could literally catapult you into a brave new world.

Over time we all can learn to trust ourselves, even if we had reasons not to in the past. You too can give yourself permission to leave the past behind so that you may grow. Your persistence will develop as you ever so gently step into the light of creativity.

Are you ready to dig a little deeper and go a little further? Then take this magical trip with Elizabeth Gilbert and discover the big magic that exists within you.

This may very well be the beginning of your beautiful new adventure, that the curious child within you is busting to explore.

Would you like some help to tap into your big magic?

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