Fall in love with yourself

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The catchphrase of self-love has become many things to many people over the years but every day I still come across people who are simply unable to love themselves deeply and compassionately. We can be our own worst enemy or our own best friend, the choice is yours.

Self-love in years gone by has been suggested to me to be some kind of selfish endeavour brought on by a crisis in life. A crisis is often a great catalyst for change but the truth is as the wonderful author Bert Weir once wrote: "You were born special, beautiful, wonderful, what happened?" He may have had it right all along.

If you could remember back to your first years of life, there was no self-loathing, no insecurities about body image, no desire to fit in and no need to be like everyone else. Social conditioning over the years knocked the image of special, beautiful and wonderful out of many of us.

If you feel like life knocked the wind out of your sails you are not alone. I too like many felt the feelings of not being loved, not being good enough, not being pretty enough, not being smart enough. Some of these may sound familiar. The truth is none of these are accurate, however, life's experiences can leave deep imprints. Unlike the imprints of your feet in the sand that wash away with the next ebb and flow of the ocean, imprints on your subconscious and in your heart can last a lifetime.

Self-love is not merely the acceptance of who you are but preparedness to do the work to uncover the best version of you, that may very well be hidden from view due to many years of conditioning. A beautiful friend of mine Alana Arvanitis, who started an organisation for women in Australia called the Self-Love Movement says it so well I think. 'The journey into self starts with one question; what am I willing to face to gain a deeper understanding of who I am?"

If you would like to begin your journey into self-love, make a start and take steps to uncover what is hidden below the surface. Be prepared to accept the beauty that is within and the changes that may need to take place in your life to bring back the special, beautiful and wonderful that existed in you at birth.

It is not the finishing of the discovering that is important, it is the discovery journey itself and the lessons it brings on the way. Take the time that you need to open up to the self-love that once existed on the surface. When you do a whole new world awaits you full of love, wonder and joy, all you need to do is start.

If you would like help to find your way back, to uncover your imprints and release them, like footprints on the sand with the next ebb and flow of the ocean, reach out and I can help you on your journey back to self-love.


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