Finding my passion for writing

Was anyone ever really born to be a writer? It is a question I have pondered more than once. Is writing simply the medium that is delivered to some of us so graciously, to express our deepest desires for authenticity? Now that's a question with some depth don't you think!

Were you possibly like me as a child? I was an average child growing up in the suburbs of a big city. I went to school and learned the curriculum, just like everyone else in my class. I loved being creative so I drew, I wrote and my parents supported my desire for creative endeavours. Then something happened that froze my creativity dead in its tracks.

I wrote, completely from my very own words a poem at the age of 10. I was so proud of what I wrote and it felt special. I handed it in to my teacher and she accused me of plagiarism. I was devastated. But she didn't stop there, she went on to say in front of the entire class "it was impossible I could have written it myself".

This is what is commonly called an imprint. I cried for days and never wrote another poem until I was in my 40's. I was a shy introverted child and this left a deep impression in my subconscious. Then I built on it over the years compounding the story that I told myself again and again, 'I can't write'.

Have you experienced an imprint that has become your life long story? If you have you are not alone. We all have been imprinted many times, through social and cultural conditioning.

Through the mere act of writing this blog post, I am showing you that change is not only possible. It is certain if you choose to take back your life and not allow the imprints of your childhood to define who you are today.

My passion today is writing! You will be pleased to know that I returned to poetry and have written beautiful poems, many of which I have shared in the world far and wide. People have been moved to tears by my poems, leaving me to wonder why I let the opinion of one stifle my creativity for so long. This is something I would never have experienced if I had not discovered how to get out from under the childhood imprints that held me back.

I now write a regular blog as a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach. I get to share my experience and messages of hope, in a world that so often for many feels hopeless.

So my simple message to you is, find your passion, whatever it is that makes you come alive. Share your passion with others so they too may come alive. The world needs us to show up authentically so that we lead the way for others. Someone has to go first! That someone can be you!

Through the ripple effect together we will change the world for the better. First change you, support the change in others, who then support more change in others. This is indeed the beauty of the ripple effect and it will be felt far and wide.

Never underestimate the power of one small drop in a big pond!


If you would like to know how you too can be the small drop in a big pond contact me.

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