Infinite You - discovering limitless potential in every day life

I am in the final stages of completing a book that I am hoping to publish and release next year about discovering the infinite potential that exists in us all.

It is my very own personal story of courage, perseverance and triumph, with a hope that it inspires you to go on your very own beautiful inward journey of discovery. So that you too can find your purpose, and uncover the uniquely authentic person that is you, hidden below the surface.

In the book, I share my very personal experiences, my challenges and my triumphs. Parts of it will make you laugh, and others may make you cry. Through it all, you will discover that our journey is much more similar than you may have thought. The candid story of my journey may help you to realise that you are not the only person experiencing a difficult time, sorrow and even despair.

There are not nearly eight billion of us on the planet to travel the hard roads alone. If we were meant to live a life that way, we would all have one planet each! So we have been put together on this planet for a reason, even if only to support one another, on the journey of life.

Life is full of bumps in the road, sharp corners that we don't see coming and sometimes unfortunately tragedy. I believe with all my heart that just like I have overcome the difficulties in my life, so too can you do the same.

I share some insights into the moments in life that define us, and how to uncover the pain, suffering, disappointment, shame and despair from our childhood, that continues to hold us back as adults. Life is a river, and it is possible to go back up the river and reclaim the parts of you inadvertently left behind so that you can continue to float down the river of life whole again.

Like I did, you have the potential to re-discover your authenticity, beneath the masks and personas that social and cultural conditioning has applied in your life. For it is, only when each of us shows up in the world as we are meant to be, that the world will change.

So if you feel stuck, lost or even disheartened with where your life is headed, this may very well be the book for you.

In 100 pages I take you on a deep dive! I am unpacking the tough stuff that the world needs some serious help with, that we are not talking about enough.

I talk about relationships and how they mess with us in every way possible. How our family lovingly attempts to manipulate our journey, through a long history of both accidental and applied control.

You will learn how you too can unpack the boxes full of things that you have stored away, that are holding you back in life, stopping you from living your best life, filled with love, hope and joy.

I delve into the world of death in a way that might surprise you, as we unpack the death box that we all have somewhere hidden within our subconscious.

Then we take a u-turn, along the long and winding road of religion, in a world that seems to be spiralling out of control at times. I will share my experience of growing up in a home split by religion. I will share with you to my concept of living on the edge and why there is something magical in the middle.

I divulge my very personal learnings on the power of dreams and my hope for the future world that exists within you all.

I found infinite potential within me, and I know it exists within every one of you. Join me on the journey, and you too can discover the brilliant world that exists below the surface, that is infinite.

If you would like to know more contact me today to get a notification when the book is out.




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