Leadership - the power of mindfully leading by example

Updated: Apr 29

In the world today, you basically have two choices. Have you chosen to lead or to follow? I have chosen to lead, or quite possibly it has chosen me.

Some would say I am a natural-born leader. I have chosen, time and time again, from a very young age to step outside the norm and pioneer a new way forward.

Throughout my life, this has been called weird, annoying, inspiring and even a little crazy. But as the saying goes only those crazy enough to believe it is possible are the ones who make the impossible happen right!

I have developed an interesting, yet quite useful skill in questioning everything in life. When I use the word interesting in this way, it has become on occasions to mean, slightly annoying and a little bit dull. I say this in jest, and you might understand why, because applying some humour in situations of discomfort is potentially very beneficial.

So I guess I’ve decided time and time again to put on my suit of courage and dared to be the one to go first. Over the years, this has taught me to become comfortably uncomfortable.

Don't get me wrong, stepping up has not always been easy for me. The first few times I was terrified, but I did it anyway. Through this process, over time, I gained resilience. I failed miserably, and in failure, I learned valuable lessons that I carried forward.

So today, I step into uncertainty with an air of confidence and a touch of cheeky humility. I fail, I fall, I get up, I learn, and I grow. It is now the way I engage in the world.

You too can choose to lead by example, to create a better world around you. It simply requires you to learn some skills in how to lead by example. As parents, teachers, and bosses, we do this by default. The question is are you leading by example in a way that others will learn from? Are you leading with humility?

This act is how I lead from a place of love and humility. I’m not perfect because I know no one is. I’m a work in progress, but someone has to go first, and it might as well be me.

I am happy to take the falls to pioneer a new way forward in thinking, feeling, and believing in a better way forward in business and life in general, for others coming behind me.

So today, I choose to adapt mindfully, so that I may lead by example. By doing so, I learn, I grow, I adapt, and I expand.

I am fortunate in life as I get to share my skills and personal experiences, through the work I do writing, speaking and coaching. When you are driven by your purpose, it becomes much easier to muster the courage to lead.

Want to know more about mindfully leading by example? You too can be courageous enough to step into the light and lead the way forward mindfully.

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