The power of the 'zoom effect' in building better relationships

Updated: Apr 28

In life, we can all become focused on one position just like the lens of a camera. It is easy to forget that we have the functionality to zoom in and zoom out at any time. This enables us to observe the big picture or the detail. Do you sometimes find yourself stuck on a perspective or view?

Try these 3 easy tips to help you to remember to zoom in and out to consider other perspectives in a given situation. You might just find that by zooming in or out at a given time that you see something that you missed. This may help the situation in a very positive way.

When you feel irritated by something someone has said you might be zoomed in, try zooming out to see their side of the situation before you react.

Tip 1 - Listen

First, listen for the sake of listening only and do not tune out to prepare your response. People who are irritated need to be heard. Let them be heard fully by maintaining your listening attention.

Tip 2 - Pause

Pause and take your time to respond, there is no rush. In taking your time you show that you are being considered, giving you time to zoom as required to understand the whole picture.

Tip 3 - Clarify

Seek clarity to gain understanding. When you seek clarity you show that you are listening and want to fully understand their perspective. This is zooming out to see the whole situation. Then together you can zoom in to understand the detail.

These tips are just the beginning of the power of zooming. When you learn to zoom actively when engaging with others you can avoid unnecessary conflict and further irritation.

Remember you have no control over how people arrive at you, however, you have 100% power in how you respond. A good response can change the situation completely for both parties. So next when you find yourself in a conflict situation try zooming. With practice, it will help you to build better relationships in all parts of your life.

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