Manifestation - Have you literally sabotaged your own success?

The word manifestation has turned into a buzzword of the new era. Yet, it would appear that it is seemingly covered by a veil of some kind of magic. Why is this so? When there is clear science to help us to understand how and where we are in control of manifestation constantly. From our state of mind to the actions we undertake, which lay the path that we choose to take us forward in our life.

If you consult the dictionary, to manifest simply put means to have something clear or obvious to the eye or mind. So to manifest is simply to see or understand something. When we think, we learn to understand, then if we think what we understand is true, we believe it. Once we believe it, we see it in our world. Then finally, once we see it, we can take action by capitalising on opportunities that appear in our view.

So how does this occur in reality? Let's look at something simple.

Think about something new you have learned. This could have occurred through things including conversations, reading or studying. If it lines up with your belief system, you will believe it to be true. You then see the potential opportunity or benefit it may bring, that you would like to apply in your life. To make it stick then requires you to take action. The action could be something as simple as applying it directly to your life or seeking further information. This process is what you are literally doing every single second, of every moment, every day? This is how our life manifests into reality.

Maybe it scares us to think that we can and do manifest everything into our lives, moment by moment. Is it easier to play the victim and sit in the belief that we have no control? Let's think about that for a moment. To take ownership of our own manifestations, whether they be good or bad, means we would have to accept the notion that failure is not something that happens to us, but in effect, it is our own design strategy. To accept this, we would need to understand our ability to manifest everything, whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level.

There are literally thousands of ways to provide evidence that you are likely manifesting your very own demise and your success. In fact, once you have read and understood the concept of this blog, you potentially can literally discover it in everything you think, believe, see and do. How cool is that?

So what are we waiting for? Let's get right to it. However, before we do, it is important to know that to understand simplicity you must equally understand complexity. For it is in complexity where simplicity resides. A good way to test this for yourself is if you can explain something complex in a simple way to someone who knows nothing about the topic. This is the simplicity in complexity. With practice, this skill can become extremely useful in life.

I will start with my own personal experience. I have over the years read many books explaining some amazing concepts from quantum physics, to psychology, philosophy and human-centred design to name a few. Now, most people I mention this to say 'wow, I couldn't possibly read about things like quantum physics'. Yet, if you are reading this blog, you learned to read just like I did, which means you can read anything you want.

Reading and understanding what you have read are two very different skills. One happens instantly, whilst the other takes time. I learned that it is ok to read something that you do not understand either partially or fully. Understanding can come with time, experience and opportunity for consideration, reflection and absorption.

In fact, you will be surprised what you can read and learn to understand when you apply these four basic principles to everything in life, including your apparent inability to read technical, new or seemingly complex information.

When my mother was in her 60's I suggested to her that she read some interesting books on quantum physics. She said very definitively 'no way'. I was never good at maths, so there is no point as I won't understand it. So I asked her how old was she when she decided she wasn't good at maths. She replied with the answer, 'at school'. My mother last assessed her ability to do something mathematical when she was 17 and she was now in her sixties. This is the power of manifestation in our lives. Now, how this manifested in her life is another topic altogether. Yet the reality is it did, and she not only thought it, she believed it to be true. My mother saw it in her life and took action to stay away from anything mathematical.

To put this into context, I was able to provoke a change in my mother. She decided to take a leap of faith and began to read about quantum physics. My mother not only learned about something she thought she was incapable of, but she also discovered something that impacted everything in her life. It was a significant shift for my mother. Imagine what such a shift could do in your life.

How do you manifest and block success in your life?

There are four basic principles to understand how we either manifest or block success in life. So how do you block and how do you create? Everything you manifest into your life begins with a single thought.

Manifestation rule no. 1 - Think it

Take note, if you thought you couldn't read quantum physics, welcome to manifestation blocker no.1 - 'Think it'. In your daily life, as you constantly manifest your life in front of you, you will either create or block opportunities. It is pretty much that simple, yet I literally read hundreds of books over 40 years to understand the simplicity of this complex concept.

How you interact and respond to your thoughts, compounded with social and cultural conditioning, trauma and awareness will determine if you block or create opportunity right from the very beginning, through your thoughts.

What do you do with your thoughts? Do you block, or do you create opportunities?

Manifestation rule no. 2 - Believe it

The power of belief is significant as we manifest our life ahead. Belief is an incredibly strong driver, as is disbelief equally, yet in the opposite direction.

So what creates the structure around what we believe?

Our experience, social & cultural conditioning, trauma and awareness determine our ability to believe things that we become aware of and think about. Even though this construct is quite complex, the output is simple. We either choose to believe or not believe. This choice can have a long-lasting effect, just like it did with my mother in her story of mathematics. The belief can endure for a moment. However, it can also be embedded so strongly, that it can endure for a lifetime.

What does your belief system look like? Is it fixed, or is it fluid?

Your ability to change, and adjust your beliefs, is vital to enable you to move forward in life successfully. When we become too fixed in our beliefs, we can become blind to opportunities, simply because we will not see opportunities arise unless we believe them to be possible, even if only in some small way. The trick here is to keep the door open and be curious about our interactions within ourselves, and the world around us.

Manifestation rule no. 3 - See it

Awareness is golden in the world of manifestation. You cannot take any action to achieve success if you completely miss the opportunity as it arises, simply because you are blind to it.

We are too often fooled by the saying, 'I will believe it when I see it'. Yet in science, we are already beginning to understand that we only see what we believe to e