Mental Health and the power of Yoga in a collaborative approach

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Whether you are in optimal health or stressed, anxious and depressed, like a growing number of people of all ages are, in the world we are currently living in. Yoga can be a powerful way to maintain and support mental health in a world that so frequently feels like it's out of control.  

A collaborative approach is essential to take a holistic view of your mental health. Whether you are getting support from your GP, Psychologists, Psychiatrists or Counsellors, yoga can be worked into your program to help support your mental health in many ways.

The awareness of the world around you and your understanding of how you engage with it through yoga practices in breathing, movement and meditation can all bring about positive results in your mental health. This can happen when all your health professionals, including your yoga coach, work together with you to support your unique needs to enable you to meet your desired outcomes.

There is a type of yoga for everyone. This is because there is much more to yoga than mere exercise, as many think. The potential benefits of supporting a healthy mind through yoga include calmness, positivity, self-awareness, understanding and acceptance. When we love and accept ourselves fully, we show up in the world authentically, making it easier for others to also accept us exactly as we are. The result is a ripple effect giving others in your circle the permission to do the same.  

Considering that mental health is not prioritised in most societies, because unfortunately, it is still so often seen as weakness and therefore frequently concealed. The practice of yoga then becomes incredibly valuable in the empowerment of not only you but also other people in your life as well.   

This is the power of yoga, a practice seriously underrated in most societies. When calmness and understanding culminate in life through yoga practice, there are great benefits to not only your mental health but also your entire well being.

Yoga can expand your mental health awareness and stability in your very own personal journey. One that requires a tailored approach considering all elements of treatment including medication and practices, because we are all unique. With a multi-pronged approach to your mental health, yoga can bring you back some control in your life, that you may feel you have lost through mental health decline.

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What do you have to lose? You might gain back a whole lot more in life than you ever imagined possible.




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