Mindfulness - the benefit of getting to the root of the problem

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

It is interesting how in business we are happy to dig beyond the surface to get to the root of a problem, yet we so frequently scratch only the surface when it comes to overcoming our personal problems. Why is it that behaviour that wouldn’t be tolerated in the workplace is standard practice in our personal life?

Our modern lives are complex and often fast-paced but there is great power in slowing down to get to the root of our problems personally. Do you feel like you are repeating the same arguments, struggles and relationship failures making real and lasting happiness elusive in your life? Maybe it’s time to go deep and get to the root cause of the problem.

There are what I term four external facing factors to you. Your body, mind, emotions and energy. Everything that happens to us in life has the potential to impact us in these four external facing factors. We may think they only rise in one place, but usually this is just because it appears more obvious in one of the four external facing factors specifically.

For example when you injure a body part like injuring your hip. The bodily injury is obvious however, the injury impacts all four external facing factors. Fix one and you are only a quarter of the way there. This is however what we do regularly.

Through mindfulness coaching I help my clients go back to the root of what caused the problem in the first place, then you are onto something seriously powerful. This is where the magic happens which bring about long-lasting results that can change your whole life completely.

I liken the concept of going inward in mindfulness to discover your true authentic self, as like a journey into the vast ocean below yet to be discovered. The external world in this scenario is the world above the ocean where the four external facing factors are influenced by the impressions of others.

So I ask you, do you want to continue to repeat old cycles in your life that you are sick of? Or do you want to dive into the beautiful ocean to discover and break the cycles that are holding you back which could potentially change everything?

If you want the latter it is time to go deep! It’s time to stop looking outside for solutions and look inside, where all the answers to every problem you’ve had and will ever have already exist.

It might surprise you to know you have all the answers. There are two reasons why we are conditioned to look outside for all the answers. Social & Cultural conditioning, which builds a whole set of values and principles that govern our responses to every situation in our life.

You already have the manual on the inside and you know yourself better than you think. Parents, teachers, friends, partners and a plethora of other people in your life, as you grow up, overlay generations of social and cultural conditioning on you through every stage of your life.

However, when you learn to lovingly accept every part of you, instead of hiding the parts you think others won’t like. You then allow others to understand and embrace all of you. This in turn shows them a way forward to do the same for themselves.

This is a journey I began to undertake many years ago. In the depths of my ocean, I discovered the gifts that have brought me to this very moment. If I had not done so I would not be writing these very words right now. This is the beautiful ripple effect of acceptance and transformation.

Would you like to show up in the world completely, without the need to hide any part of you? If you would, then it’s time to go in deep to remove feelings familiar to us like shame and inadequacy. It is time to learn how to bring the entire you to the surface for the world to see you and love you exactly as you are, for this is how you were always meant to be.


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