Mindfulness - Understanding what your relationship with being busy is really about

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So we live in an exponential growth technology era right! Where we have literally a technology solution for what seems like everything. We no longer spend the majority of our time, like our ancestors did, gathering food to eat. To top it off, in the western world, we even have a shop or store that has all our needs covered.

Yet why are we all still so busy? Are we just busy being busy?

These two questions I have pondered for many years. Surely I must not be the only one. When technology has taken over and simplified so many things for us in life. Why then can we still not find time for ourselves?

The answer to this question is a lot simpler than we probably think. Generations of social and cultural conditioning have left us with the legacy of being busy. First, our ancestors were busy spending most of the day gathering food and taking care of their families. Now in the modern-day world, we are busy juggling our work, family and social lives.

So being busy is simply something we have learned, so the fact that we can stop at any time doesn't seem to have sunk in yet. That's right we don't have to fill our lives with stuff to do, we can actually stop, rest and relax. Haven't we earned it? Inventing all this great technology to make life easier, surely it is about time we enjoyed it right?

For many, stopping or even slowing down is a completely foreign concept to consider, let alone take on, but not because we can't. It is more likely because for many, if they stopped, then the things they don't want to think about will come to the surface.

What are we all so scared of? What is lingering below the surface that we don't want to rise? Is it disappointment, suffering, loss, or are we scared of being present to our thoughts and emotions, right here and now?

Some people I have met, believe that if they stop they will fall apart like life will catch up with them somehow. Therefore their need to be busy is keeping what is snapping at their heels at bay. Are we all running a constant busy marathon or what?

Many years ago I learned to stop. It was a beautiful moment when I realised that stopping was transformational in my life. I not only used to keep myself busy, but I did it moving quickly, cycling, running, and pretty much any activity that meant I didn't have to sit still long enough to begin to ponder my life.

When I finally stopped, I began to dig below the surface. What I discovered were all the things that were holding me back in life. Whilst I was in fact just busy running from facing them. How crazy is that? Whilst I thought I was running from problems, I was actually running from the solutions too. In yogic philosophy, we call this the seed of the solution buried within the suffering.

Below your busyness is the beautiful you whispering STOP. Your busyness is impeding your ability to look inside to discover your untapped potential. That's right YOU! If you keep racing off on a busy tangent, you are going to continue running from what is snapping at your heels. What is chasing you though is actually just opportunity, trying to show you a path to grow beyond your current perspective.

So today, try stopping, even if only for short spurts in the beginning. As stopping becomes more comfortable, lengthen the time and watch the beauty unfold. When you end the busyness for the sake of busyness, you start to see the world with a clarity that you didn't see before. Things you never noticed come into view. Opportunities you have been looking forward suddenly begin to appear, and because you are now present in the moment, you recognise them when they arrive.

In reality, busyness is simply striving and rushing for the future, instead of being present in this moment. When you are busy chasing the future, you miss out on all the beauty that surrounds you every day in your life. So when you find the courage to step out of the spotlight of busyness, you step into the light of present moment experience, where transformation and literally anything is possible.

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