Mindfulness - using awareness and journeying inward for a new year

Updated: May 14

The inward journey of self-discovery and mastery is not a short course, but a lifetime adventure filled with all the ups and downs that life brings.

Where are you heading next year? Mindfulness has the potential to take your deepest desires from dream to reality, where you can discover that you might be setting your bar too low.

One of the most common questions I get as a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach is where do I start with mindfulness? The answer is more simple than you might think for there is in essence, only one place you can begin and that is where you are.

There is no on/off switch, that you can just reach over to and press at any time. Even though when understanding comes, it often feels sudden or looks like it arrived out of nowhere to others. The truth be told, just like the person who suddenly seems to have found success or fame, has probably worked incredibly hard for a long time, while others simply didn't see it coming.

The development of mindfulness comes from external awareness initially and culminates in a deep sense of internal awareness. The ability to cross between the two becomes effortless over time when combined with authenticity.

I've studied the external world and ventured inside on a very personal journey of self-discovery for many years. It has been a beautiful and enriching journey that took me from anxiety to contentment, through the many twists and turns of 50 years of living a full life. I have lived through a great deal of variety in work, living and experiences in life in general. I chose to have these experiences instead of staying in the same job, same house and the same life. Life is all about choices. What you choose today creates your tomorrow.

If you want to enrich your life with experience, you too can do the same thing. Step outside of what makes you comfortable, take some small risks at first and build up your courage to take larger ones as you build confidence. The biggest rewards come from taking the greatest risks. There is no success without failure, no joy without suffering and no understanding without confusion. These things are simply part of your journey of discovery as you progress inward to understand yourself.

You too can take the same journey of self-discovery through mindfulness. Like I did, you may uncover your authenticity and potentially take your life to a whole new level.

As you start to ponder what you would like next year to look like, apply attention to your intention, whilst not having the entire plan set in stone. This focused attention on your intention is in yogic philosophy, the beautiful practice of flow.

When you reset from over planning to a flow state of awareness, you start to see the infinite potential that exists in your life, literally all around you. Instead of applying a solution by force, the right solutions simply arrive into your awareness, and you can see them.

So as you consider your future year, instead of a new year's resolution how about a new year's intention, coupled with attention through the beautiful art of flow.

Would you like to know more about how flow can change your life completely?

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