Moving House - How yoga taught me to let go!

So in this past week, I moved for the seventh time in ten years. When I tell people this, it surprises them. There is often a gasp, and a sense of something must have gone wrong. This response is triggered by social and cultural conditioning at work in a subtle way.

In life, there is a constant motion that we accept. Included in our realm of acceptance are things like sunsets, days of the week and time progression. We tend to fully acknowledge what these things mean to us in our every day. I would, however, go further and suggest we embrace them, in a society where we seem to have turned time into a battlefield, allocating, prioritising and even celebrating the motion of time.

Yet so many people hate the idea of moving! I find it is an intriguing conundrum. In yogic terms, it is a form of attachment to the past and a desire to control the future by ensuring it all stays the same. We think this creates a sense of security and happiness in our lives. However, it is an elaborate illusion of the mind.

I move homes in the same way I’ve changed jobs, interests, met new friends and experienced new opportunities in life. It is the beautiful art of flow in motion. The combination of letting go of the attachment of the status quo and the acceptance to embrace uncertainty is where all the magic happens.

Moving homes has taught me and continues to teach me valuable life lessons. It also keeps my awareness high, along with my sense of adventure fully engaged.

Each time I move, I let go of the space, possession and habits that bind me to the past. The process allows me to, grown, learn, discover and embrace the new and exciting opportunities that await me in the uncertain future.

The most rewarding benefits that, moving home frequently has taught me over the years, are the opportunities that have come into my life from embracing uncertainty. Change is the only certainty that exists in life. If you didn’t realise this already, covid19 should have articulated it well for you.

Each time I move, I grow, I expand, I discover. I am also reminded of the beautiful uncertainty that exists in the world. I embrace it, and it renews me.

The process of moving home is simply the yogic art of surrendering to the universal law of flow. I set my intention, I apply attention to my intention and I allow the universe to show me the infinite ways to move forward in life.

So next time you are thinking of moving and you get a pang of anxiety about change and worry about controlling it. Try setting your intention, applying attention to it and let the universe handle the details.

If you are a control freak like I once was this may seem like a big stretch, but I assure you it is a very worthwhile stretch indeed.

You might be surprised to discover that you arrive on time where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there.

The alternative is forcing a solution that you are fixated on, then missing all the opportunities for something greater, rather than your awareness at the time you decided to set your goal in stone. The universe has greatness in mind for you, not mediocre.

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