My personal yoga journey of discovery

Yoga has been a part of my life that I have enjoyed for many years. However, it wasn’t always this way. Some of my early experiences with yoga were nothing short of unpleasant. So initially, it was reasonable that I thought yoga wasn’t for me at all. If this is your experience too, I say stick with it because you will find your personal yoga practice that you connect with just like I did.

Yoga flowed in and out of my life many times over and over again. But like that special friend that you don't see for years, when you come together again it is like you were never apart. Yoga was that for me in spades. Initially, I didn't see or fully understand the benefits of yoga in my life. I thought like many it was merely a form of exercise. This couldn't have been further from the truth.

In a kind of magical way yoga always found its way back into my life, especially when times got tough. After my marriage breakup, during stressful times at work and difficult times throughout my life, I kept going back to yoga like it was a dear friend calling me. Eventually, I began to recognise the patterns and said to myself one day, hang on a minute, I think there is something in this yoga stuff. In reflection I know now that was a defining moment right there in the making!

Over the years I went to numerous studios, centres and spiritual gatherings. I practised many types of yoga and persevered until I found that one teacher that joined the dots for me. I decided one day that I wanted to find a more traditional Indian style of yoga, something more spiritual than the western style of yoga I had been exposed to. I found a small group session lead by a traditional Indian yoga teacher and when I joined the first class I realised with a chuckle that I was the only non-Indian. It wasn't the glamorous studio or fancy gym room I'd done yoga classes in the past. This class was literally run out of a garage and it was absolutely what I had been searching for, but had until this day never found my way to.

There was something in this kind of yoga practice that drew me in completely. This was not just yoga, it was community, connection and I suddenly felt like I had found the yoga I had always longed for in my heart. At the time it made me feel good. However, it wasn't until later that I reflected and realised it was the authenticity that drew me in. What was even more beautiful to discover, as the love I felt there was what kept me going back. This is where my yoga practice really embedded in my life as a permanent fixture and the deep dive began.

I had no idea at that time that I would decide in the future to become a yoga and mindfulness coach. In fact, if you had said it I most likely would have laughed at you. However, this very yoga experience is what inevitably brought me to become a yoga and mindfulness coach. It never ceases to surprise me what magical twists and turns occur in life to track you to your purpose when you are open.

It was invaluable to learn many different facets of yoga on my journey to this very day, as it broadened my understanding and brought depth to my yoga practice. It also gave me valuable personal experience that I am able to share with my clients.

I've tried many kinds of yoga including hot yoga practice. Some people swear by it but my personal experience was absolutely terrible. Not that there was anything wrong with the yoga itself, well except for the smell of the sweat of 40+ people in a hot room. Oh and the fact that it was hard to breathe, so the only position I could effectively be in was the spot closest to the door, with the door ajar so I didn't pass out. I have naturally low blood pressure and I am extremely flexible so hot yoga resulted in me nearly passing out from the heat more than once and injuries from over-stretching. In the end, it simply wasn’t for me but I often laugh when I think back to my experience of hot yoga.

Remember yoga is a personal journey so yes ask for advice but in the end, it is what works for you that matters. Don't be afraid to try new experiences and be open to what they might look like. My personal yoga practice is nothing like it was in my first yoga class at a gym. It has evolved and deepened greatly over time, just like your's can too.

This is why I became a yoga and mindfulness coach, to help people find their way through the minefield of yoga. To help you to discover the yoga that connects you to your authenticity and empowers you to imbed it into your life. When you do this the practice can be incredibly powerful in bringing you closer to your best life possible.

People often come to me confused and unsure if they are even practising yoga correctly because when you are in a class of 30 people it is impossible for a single instructor to help everyone in the room. They have questions about why, what, how, when & where that are important to have answered. We have all lived individual experiences, have individual problems and therefore we are unique so we need unique solutions.

Many of my clients find that through my yoga coaching they can attend any yoga class, whether travelling for work away from home and they drop in for a casual class, or even overseas in a country where they don't even speak the language. Once they are empowered to feel into the yoga, the class simply becomes a means of flow and direction from the instructor, whilst they enjoy the inward journey that yoga is meant to be.

When you find a practice that brings you expansion like this, then the world can change for you completely. This is the power of Yoga Coaching. Sprinters don't become world champions by going to the track and just following everyone else. To master anything a coach is invaluable whether it be in business, sporting pursuits or your private life. If you want to be the best at anything you need to invest in yourself in a way that is purposefully driven so that you may achieve your goal.

What is your yoga practice doing for you? Is it mediocre? It is a mess? or does it simply not exist for you at all.

Book in for a free Yoga discovery session and find out what a Yoga Coach can do to empower you to achieve your best life possible because the best intentions coupled with the best attention are more likely to produce the best results.




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