My professional story - before I became a yoga & mindfulness coach

In my life, I have changed careers many times chasing down my purpose like it was a race. Eventually, I slowed down enough to realise it was a journey and I began to enjoy it instead of racing to the finish line.

I've run my own businesses, lectured, designed, managed people and projects, consulted and throughout it all I continued to study, fail, learn and grow both personally and professionally.

My work has taken me to many places, from nature to hotels, hospitals, science labs and I've been touched by some of the most beautiful people I've ever known in disability services.

Throughout it all I have grown into the exact person I was always meant to be. My experiences from coaching six-year-olds as a tutor to presenting to boards have all been invaluable both personally and professionally.

Frequently throughout my career, I helped those around me with stress and problems that were both personal and professional. Finally one day I realised that my purpose was to help people to be at their best. On the way, I regularly questioned what I was doing because something in my work was always missing.

Do you feel like that at times? You know that feeling like there must be more! When you feel like you are just going through the motions. It doesn't have to be that way. If you are feeling this way it is because you are onto something. There is more to life that living groundhog day in continual loops. There is so much more. You too can joyfully discover it as I have. This is where I discovered my authenticity, the real me hidden below the surface, behind the masks that I had learned to wear through social & cultural conditioning.

Rest assured there are no wrong paths in life because every experience in life is valuable. Sometimes a difficult experience leads you to a better one. You build resilience through hard times which helps you overcome adversity. Life is like the beautiful motion of a river, sometimes it flows ever so gently. Sometimes there are rapids and sometimes a plunging waterfall. The trick is to keep moving regardless, for soon again even the roughest parts of a river become tranquil trickling streams. It is simply the journey of life.

Awareness is the key to see opportunity as it arrives. I have taken advantage of some wonderful opportunities in my life. I have also taken risks, some may say big ones too, but the lessons I have learned on the way have been invaluable.

Today I have the absolute pleasure of working to honour my purpose. Nothing feels like work anymore. I've become the exact person I was always meant to be and I trust in the moments as life unfolds.

You too can have all you desire in a life filled with purpose. All it takes is awareness, courage and a willingness to shift. So that like me you can step into your light completely. When you do this your potential is infinite.

Want to know how, reach out, follow my blog, connect with me on social media. We are all in this together and there is nothing wrong with getting some help to find your way. I did and it helped me to be the Yoga & Mindfulness Coach that I am today.

All you have to do is start!



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