My story - Inspiration that might surprise you

So a common question I get asked as a Yoga & Mindfulness coach is, what books do I read, and who do you follow to get my inspiration?

Inspiration is a big part of our fast-paced lives today. Most of us seem to be chancing the elusive person who will inspire us to be better, more courageous or somehow motivate us to enact change in our lives.

Predominantly we are taught to externalise growth and seek guidance from others. We look to where they are going, what they are doing, and try to mimic their success. When in reality, we already have the user manual for our own life, on the inside. When we look only externally for guidance continually, we are discounting our ability to find inspiration within.

Sure I read books, I sometimes listen to podcasts, and I follow interesting people in social media. However, my true inspiration comes in stillness, whilst I sit in the space of uncertainty, with myself fully.

We all have every answer to every problem within us. Well, in reality, it is within the field of pure potential, that we all live within. But when you are fixated, on the belief that someone else has all the answers, you miss out on seeing them within you and all around you, because you have applied a solution to your problem by force. This is a form of conditioning that comes from your past, which is a place of knowing. However, in reality, it is the place of unknowing, in the here and now, where freedom and inspiration reside.

Don't get me wrong, it can be helpful to look around at what others are doing. Where we go wrong is when we rely on it to be the absolute truth. Internal knowing and self-realisation is a much better position to come from when you engage in the world. Then you have less potential to become confused, causing you to take on someone else's why instead of understanding your own.

I find inspiration in nature and in the present moment. This is where I lean in to understand and feel it within my heart. If someone says or does something that I find interesting and potentially inspiring, I allow the concept to sit with me and let what comes up, come up.

Nature is an inspiration because it is forever evolving and changing. Just like animals, they are present to life at this moment right now. Observing, understanding and growing. They don't focus on how it was yesterday. They focus on how it is in the here and now, through awareness. This ability is what enables them to survive.

You are far more inspiring than you give yourself credit for! So please cut yourself some slack.

Next time, when you are looking for inspiration, look around, look inside and give yourself some space to just let it all sit and see what comes up. You might be surprised as to what happens next. You know more than you realise, and can do much more than you believe.

In the past, lies motivation which is a trap of mediocrity. There is more for you to aspire to in the world, far above mediocre. Tap into your potential to realise the unique value proposition that you bring into the world. The universe wants us to have it all, and to rise to the possibility of greatness.

Today abandon being a follower, embrace your pure potential and be a pioneer. This is where your true inspiration exits, in the field of uncertainty.

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