My Story - The importance of taking time out to regroup, reflect and reset

Updated: May 14

I am a big believer in the need to escape the hyper speed of daily life. Sometimes, for me, this looks like a daily meditation session, and other times this looks more like an escape into nature.

At this time of year for me, it is part of my reflective process, to take some time to look at where I have come from this year. Consider what I have achieved. Then to celebrate my successes and dig deep into gratitude for the lessons learned.

I like to call it the 'big reset button' because sometimes a warm re-boot, is simply not enough. Sometimes it is incredibly valuable, to hit the big reset button and switch off completely, shut down, regroup and then restart again fresh.

What better time than the end of the year to do this process? To feel into the COVID year that was. Reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly and then set an intention for the year ahead.

How often do you take time out to regroup, reflect and reset?

I never used to do any of these things. I used to run on hyperdrive repetitively pushing through the world like life was a race to the finish line. I worked long hours and treated my body like it didn't need to rest and recover at all. That is until life came to a grinding halt or so it would seem.

I worked hard, I played hard, and so I fell from grace hard too. It didn't happen as suddenly as I thought though. You see in reflection there were so many warning signs for years leading up to my demise, that I either deliberately ignored, or simply didn't see at all.

In my teens and twenties, there was anxiety. In my thirties there we stress, burnout and chronic fatigue. Eventually in my 40's my body began to breakdown with injuries stopping me dead in my tracks. There is a beautiful saying to describe what happened in my life, heading to my ultimate demise and it goes like this;

"First, the universe she whispers, and if you don't listen, eventually she screams."

I was a runner, and my final demise to stop running away from life was literally a physical injury, that stopped me physically from running at all. See the universe she tried whispering in my teens, twenties and thirties but I didn't listen properly, so she screamed loud and clear in my 40's.

I am incredibly grateful that I finally listened and turned my life around completely. I am also grateful that I learned to take time out, to regroup, reflect and reset regularly. Today I live slower, listen more and get to feel into the beautiful little things that I missed when I was busy racing to the finish line.

Life is so much more than racing to the finish line, its about enjoying the journey. So if my story resonates with you, feel free reach out. I can show you how to find a better way forward, to find harmony, success, and the joy, you were always meant to have in your life.

Though Yoga coaching, I can help you to build awareness. Through Mindfulness coaching I can help you to go inwards, to enable you to build a solid platform of self-awareness. These skills empower you to tap into your authenticity, in a way you may never have experienced in your life before. Resulting in you uncovering your purpose and infinite potential.

Together let's make next year your best year ever. The ripple effect of your transformation reaches further than you might imagine. I started on a path of self-discovery many years ago, and the impacts are still spreading far and wide.

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