My story - the power of choosing infinite over finite potential in life

Updated: May 14

Without even realising, we daily choose finite over infinite potential, through social and cultural conditioning. To understand this conundrum, we first need to know what the difference is.

Though my very own personal journey, I discovered just how finitely I was living, and it surprised me how my conditioning pre-determined what I thought I was capable of entirely.

So we understand that the finite has limits and yet infinite has no limits at all. Connect this to social and cultural conditioning, and you have a recipe for limited understanding, knowledge, perception and potential completely.

Let us take a look at an example in my own life. I grew up in a family where my parents were divided about religion. My father was a believer in God, and my mother was not. I, therefore, was exposed to greater religious awareness. Did you grow up in a home where there was one dominating religious belief? If you did there is a good chance that through conditioning, you would have been taught specifically, to follow only that belief within your family home.

Through my broader religious exposure as a child, I became aware of the infinite potential of religious beliefs available to me. Yet in this scenario, you may not due to you only experiencing, as a child, one single religious belief. Quite possibly in this situation, through social and cultural conditioning, this then becomes the difference between, the finite and infinite understanding of the world at large.

Overlay this onto the rest of your life, and it's pretty easy to see how some of us have a singular fixed belief system, and others are aware of the infinite possibilities.

Who would have thought that religious disparity in my childhood home would have brought me to my infinite potential? We are complicated human beings, so I doubt it was just this mere circumstance alone. However, I do believe that it opened a portal for the infinite potential to arrive in my life when I was a child.

You see by being allowed to see one thing more broadly. It also opened up my awareness and interest to what else was not as it seemed? I became a child of intrigue, wonder and I consistently questioned everything, and wanted to push the boundaries. This occurred all because I tapped into an opportunity to expand my horizons in this one situation in my childhood.

Did you experience a polar opposite of a belief system when you were a child? Mine was God v's Atheism. What was yours? Did this drive you to explore things more openly?

Today I consider myself a spiritual person. I don't align to a specific religion or belief, as I feel a strong sense of connection between them all. I spent a lot of time as a child and into adulthood, exploring religion. I am comfortable and feel connected to people of all faiths, and I still laugh to this day, that it all came about because my parents had strong opposing views.

So contextually this is merely one example of the power of escaping the finite mindset of cultural and social conditioning. I would suggest that potentially, for us to grow as an infinite community, instead of merely teaching others our beliefs, that we consider cultivating acceptance and understanding. This may very well be the secret to opening up to the beautiful possibility of infinite potential in us all.

The question I would ask you is; Is your mindset finite or infinite? If it is currently finite in some way. What would it look like if you expanded your awareness, learned greater acceptance and understanding?

There are many more ways in my life that I have accessed the infinite potential within me. Would like to know how you can do the same?

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