Opportunity knocks in the most unlikely places

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Do you see disruption or opportunity when circumstances move from the ordinary day to day? Disruption is a circumstance when change seems to come without notice. The ability to manoeuvre through changing environments both gradually and through sudden changes like the disruption of COVID19 is not only possible to survive, it is possible to thrive.

Try these 5 skills to uncover opportunity when it comes both from slow change and sudden disruptive change. See how they can potentially change your life completely.

Skill 1 - Awareness

Life is full of distractions and noise which interfere with our awareness. By building your ability to remain aware you remain open to opportunities that present themselves more frequently. Opportunity is knocking constantly, however, if you are not aware you can miss these opportunities as they arise. Are you aware?

Skill 2 - Time out

It is important to take time out of your day to day to allow your mind some space to think through potential opportunities that are available to you. If you rush from one thing to the next and not allow yourself to stop even for 15 minutes a day, potential opportunities glide right past your eyes. As little as 15 minutes a day of clear headspace to think can be hugely beneficial in reflecting and assessing potential opportunities. Are you giving your mind space to think about opportunities that lay ahead?

Skill 3 - Knowledge

Taking time to stay aware of what marketplace trends are doing within your space is critical. This can help you see where potential industry-wide change and ultimately disruption could occur in the future. By being up to date with what is going on can make or break your business. Putting your head in the sand or putting off considering where the market is going can prove to be fatal in business. Are you aware of potential disruptions for your business?

Skill 4 - Planning

We all know that it is impossible to plan for what we cannot see coming however we can plan our strategy on how we deal with disruption and change in general. It is easy to get focused on doing what you are currently doing day after day. However, being prepared and having the skills to pivot when the proverbial hits the fan can make all the difference. Do you have a plan for how to deal with change big and small, disruptive and planned?

Skill 5 - Acceptance

Change and disruption often come at a time when you are comfortable, or even sometimes too comfortable with the status quo. Learning the skills to accept that change is inevitable is a valuable skillset to develop in all parts of your life, not just business. Are you ready to accept that change is inevitable and prepared with the skills to pivot when needed?

If you work on these 5 skills you will find yourself ready to pivot and take hold of opportunity when it knocks, instead of wishing later that you had. These skills are all about living in the present moment, being present to what is happening and not becoming complacent in a place of comfort and regularity. The person who develops and maintains these skills can thrive in any environment and find opportunity in the most unlikely of places.

If you would like to know more about how to develop these skills to increase your ability to turn disruption into opportunity, book a mindfulness coaching session today.


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