Raise your hope through healing

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Have you given yourself permission lately to heal? Healing is a powerful tool to help raise you up and take you forward on your path in life.

In the first lockdown in Melbourne, I lost the two things I treasured most in life. If you think this is a sad story it isn’t. My story is a story of hope. You see I lost my beautiful mother and my constant companion, my dog. Whilst so many people were worried about things like not being able to go out for dinner, I was travelling to and from hospitals in the middle of a pandemic.

Sometimes life feels like it turns you on your head, then when you manage to get up it blows you off your feet. Have you ever felt like that?

For me, I had just started a new business and the first lockdown of COVID19 meant I had to close the doors to my business. This was the world turning me on my head. Then on Mothers Day, my mum passed away and finally the following Sunday I had to say goodbye to my beloved companion dog. This was the blowing me off my feet. But amid all this loss something magical happened.

I am a modern-day Yogi and my story is a story of hope. You see loss is a natural part of the ever-changing world that we live in. Through my yogic practices, I have learned to weather even the storms of loss successfully. It is possible to find hope through healing and I can teach you how because I have learned it many times in life myself.

If you are struggling to cope right now try these 3 things to start you on your path of healing.

Tip 1 - Breathe

Learn to breath deeper and better. When healing the body needs good levels of oxygen moved around the body to calm the mind and heal the heart. Often in times of loss, we breathe only shallow breaths, which limit the oxygen flow within our body that is already under stress. Are you breathing well?

Tip 2 - Sleep

During the process of healing sleep is incredibly important to allow your body time to rest. Find time to rest and give yourself permission to rest to heal. If you are struggling to sleep at night there are many things you can do. Find one that works for you. Don’t try one and give up. Keeping looking until you find one that works for you. Guided meditation and sleep stories can be very beneficial, along with a good pre-sleep routine. Are you taking care of your sleep?

Tip 3 - Emotions

The rising emotions during loss or stress in general are difficult to navigate alone. Get some support to deal with the emotions rising during the healing process. Feeling into your emotions is an important part of healing. Through yogic practices you can learn how to feel into your emotions, to welcome them into your heart, without being swept away by them. It is important not to bottle them up or push them away. Are you dealing with your emotions?

So if you are weathering a storm through this pandemic, stay strong for the weathering of the storm will raise you up to a new level. You can survive the struggles of COVID19 just like I am. Through hope, we can all create a better world by creating a better you and me, one person at a time.

If you need some help to see your road ahead, reach out because there are hands everywhere ready to raise your hope through supporting your healing. You are never alone. A brighter future awaits you just like it did me. In amongst all the pain of loss, I found love. It exists in us all.

If you would like to know more about how to develop these skills to increase your ability to raise your hope through healing, book a mindfulness coaching session today.


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