Redesigning relationships series - part 4 - the art of creating fulfilling friendships

Updated: Apr 29

In life, the special friendships we have developed over time, frequently become our saviours when times get tough. Those special people who swoop in and pick us up when it feels like all hope is lost. These are the special friendships that should be nurtured, with care and compassion.

When these friendships are fulfilling, we feel supported and enriched, giving us the backing to be courageous and authentic even when it scares us. You know, those besties that know just how to push that little bit further, to get you closer to your dreams and success.

We do not live on a planet with nearly eight billion people for no reason. Humans are a naturally herding species. Historically we have always done better when we work together. It is the collective concept of, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

So why do we often find ourselves alone and isolated from friendships that nourish and support us? Why do we so often see seeking support from friends in this way as a weakness?

It is in simplistic terms about the social and cultural conditioning we have all been subject to, throughout life. It is a perfectly normal part of growing up in the world we live in today. However, as an adult, you have the power to choose how you respond to the conditioning of your childhood. The development and maintenance of fulfilling friendships have the potential to enhance many parts of your life.

Friendships develop in many ways in life. Some are simply the friends that arrive in a moment, and some stay a lifetime, but they are all equally important in the journey of life.

Those special people who arrive in a moment, turn up in our lives at the exact right time we need them. Sometimes their arrival heralds a time for change or growth for us. However, sometimes their arrive is just in the nick of time to pick us up off the floor when we are suffering heartache and loss.

Those exceptional friends that last a lifetime are the ones who are prepared to stick out the tough times, along with celebrating the good times. Hold these people close because they are diamonds in the rough. Never undervalue the contribution these kinds of people make in your life.

Are you valuing the friendships in your life? Do you recognise the value you bring to others lives?

Equally, it is critical to know when people in your life are no longer serving you. It is ok to let them go as they continue their journey in life. Do not hold on to unfulfilling friendships just because of familiarity. Sometimes you have both simply served your purpose to one another, and it is time to move forward.

Don't dismiss your friends because they don't agree with your opinion, or they choose to live a different way. We are all individuals, and therefore, the differences within us give rise to opportunities to learn from one another, to grow and to develop acceptance.

Not only do you deserve good people in your life to support you, but you also can do the same beautiful thing for others in this world. So if you feel like you lack support in your life by good friends, first be the one to provide it for others. Then in a delightful loop, the love you give freely away will always find its way back to you, its the natural way of life.

These special friendships do not just happen. They take time and effort to cultivate and maintain. When you bring your authentic self to your friendships with others, you then beautifully give them permission to do the same.

This is how the delightful ripple effect of authenticity occurs, one friendship, and one ripple at a time. As you open to your authenticity, your friends continue the ripple to their friends, and then the continuous flow of the ripple begins. It can be slow and progressive, but incredibly powerful in cultivating change in workplaces, communities and family life.

Redesigning relationships to create mutually fulfilling friendships is a rewarding prospect in every part of your life. We all need people and the incredible value they bring to every part of our lives.

Would like to know more about how mindfulness can help you to redesign your relationships with your friends both new and old?

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Better friendships are on the horizon, and they all start with the best version of you.





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