Redesigning relationships series part 5 - the transformational power of understanding your enemies

Updated: Apr 29

The word enemies itself is steeped in social & cultural conditioning and often long-held suffering in our lives. Yet we all know that the greatest enemy is the enemy within because we habitually get in our own way of success.

Who are your enemies? Are you focused on them right now? Is your focus on them holding you back in life?

What you focus on, you feed right! So by focusing on any relationship in this negative way, we simply attract more of the same. So potentially this is where sabotage rears its ugly head.

Our enemies can appear to us as competitors in business, people who have done us wrong, and the ever so self-sabotaging and silent enemy of disbelief of ourselves, held within. When in reality, the external factors we call the enemy are potentially some of our greatest teachers. However, sometimes we can become so fixed on the external enemies that we can completely lose sight of the road ahead.

There is transformational power in understanding what we define as our enemies, both internally and externally, so that we can then, redesign the relationships we have with them.

Our competitors are showing us opportunities to learn about what we want and do not want to do. Some of our competitors are more advanced than us on their business trajectory. Some are taking a path in business that does not align with our values at all. When you focus on your why in your business, your competition becomes less important, and your purpose takes centre stage.

The are those enemies that we stockpile. You know those people who hurt us, by treating us in a way we dislike or with judgement. We then merely attach the suffering we have felt in relation to that person, and hold it in our hearts. This is likely the developed image of the enemy etched with the feelings of pain held not only in our hearts, but deep in our subconscious. Sometimes, over many years, an entire story is built on the enemies that we hold within our heart-space.

Is there someone you are holding in your heart with enemy status?

When we learn to let the suffering passes through us, instead of holding on, we find the seed within the lesson and are then able to move beyond the suffering altogether.

Are you focused on your enemies or opportunities to grow right now?

Next time you feel hurt by the actions of others. To avoid applying enemy status, listen and look for the seed of learning, allow the pain of the moment to pass right through you and move forward.

Want to know more about how mindfulness can unlock the transformational power of understanding your enemies?

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