Speak your truth by redesigning the relationship you have with your voice

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Have you ever suddenly stopped dead in your tracks and wondered why you don't feel heard in life anymore, or have you always felt this way?

It might be that you don't feel heard at home because you have unfortunately been conditioned by generations of social and cultural conditioning, to put everyone else's needs before your own. Now everyone else, including you, has forgotten about your needs. Or you might have sunken into the shadows at work simply because you have somehow lost your passion, and work now feels like you are not invested at all and just going through the motions.

These scenarios aren't at all uncommon in life. I have personally felt into both these situations in my life more than once, and it is not a long-odds bet to suggest that pretty much most of us have. So what is the solution to this pandemic? The silent killer, leaving so many of us unheard and unseen by those around us in daily life.

By redesigning your relationship with the power of your voice, you can learn to speak your truth in every situation in life. We often think that speaking our truth is somehow a selfish act. The word selfish ironically is deeply embedded in the stigma and self-loathing and negativity, brought on by the hang-ups of social and cultural conditioning.

It never ceases to amaze me that after more than seventy years, we are still holding on to some kind of post-war stoicism of intense moderation. We are still condemning any act of self as being inappropriate. While adding fuel to the fire by wrapping it all up in the conditioning of a scarcity mindset.

Three generations have now grown up in a world of abundance, yet we still see acts of self as negative. The generation leading the way forth ever so beautifully is the generation Ys. They are living lives intensely felt, making purchases, selecting their jobs and living their lives fueled by how they feel about everything. The world they are creating is most definitely, the change we need to see and feel in the world today.

I am a generation X. I chose to step outside the pattern of old ways of thinking about what self means. I made a conscious choice to put myself first, and we can all do this without excluding the values of others.

I learned to understand the value of self in myself first, then in every other relationship I had. Sometimes this means setting boundaries that you have never set before. When you learn this, you learn to fill your own cup first. Then you can fill the cups of the many others in your life.

To speak your truth is an incredibly powerful tool to have in life. Yet this can only be achieved once you know, understand and embrace the person you are in each present moment of life. Your truth today will not be the same tomorrow, because everything is as impermanent as daylight is to each day. Change is a constant motion, never-ending, never-beginning, simply on a continuum.

Learning to lean into self-love, self-understanding, and self-worth are beautiful experiences to gain in life. These skills will not only nurture you, but they will also nurture those around you, from your children to family, friends and co-workers. The ripple effect of you taking charge of your self-design. Then speaking it in your life will empower us all in our local, national and international communities that are too frequently feeling incredibly unempowered.

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First, you must courageously step into the light, take what is yours and speak your truth.






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