The art of full vision uncovered through the eyes of a vision impairment

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

You know we have five senses right! Did you know that the average person spends 80% of their time using only their eyes? What about the other four senses why did they get such a raw deal? There is much for the eyes to see in the world, where we live bombarded by constant and never-ending visual stimulus. But what if there is more than we see?

Let me share with you the story of how I learned more about vision whilst caring for my vision impaired mother than I had in the 40 years prior. You see my mother was only in her late 50’s when she was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. For the layman, a brain tumour, wrapped around her optic nerve. She lost 65% of her vision overnight. It wasn’t the big C (cancer) but life for her was forever changed. She adjusted but in a strange twist, her vision impairment taught me how to see the world in a magnificent way I had not fully understood before.

When I told my mother her vision impairment was teaching me how to see better, she laughed. I learned to be my mother's very own seeing-eye person, as she refused the help of a seeing-eye dog. I learned to use my eyes in ways I hadn’t needed and I realised something quite remarkable. Our eyes are very lazy taking in most of the time, only the minimum information we needed to get through life.

I learned to see the things I had simply taken for granted. I learned of the significance in the small and the awe in the huge. When people lose their sight later in life they have what is called memory vision. This is where without seeing through their eyes they can see in their mind, remembering what something looks like. So when my mum felt the warmth of the sun on her skin she could remember the beautiful sunsets she had seen before. I would sit with her and describe the beautiful scenes before us enabling her to memory see. Words are incredibly powerful in the heart. Never underestimate the vision that your words can bring.

Today I teach clients sometimes through guided meditation. Many have remarked that my voice is powerful. This power was enhanced through my mother's vision impairment. I now understand that through everything that happens in life, there is a valuable lesson to be learned. Here I learned the lesson of full vision.

Open your eyes to all that you can see, not just all that you see right now. The crumbs on the floor in the kitchen don’t matter, neither do the fingerprints on the glass. The dimples of a smile and the shadows that you cast are some of the many things that are much more inviting. So try these tips to enhance your vision:

Tip 1 - Smile at people

When you travel on public transport try looking around and notice the expressions of the people around you. When you make eye contact with someone, smile! it might just make their day.

Tip 2 - Be in the moment with your eyes

When walking along the same path, instead of thinking about something else, be there in the moment and look for things you haven’t noticed before. Being in the moment will surprise you in ways you never imagined.

Tip 3 - Change your lens by zooming

Learn to zoom. Look at the small things and remember how large you are and then look out to the expanse of the universe and remember how small you are. Size is not proportionate to significance. It is merely a perception, so it is incredibly beneficial to learn the art of zooming. The image attached to this blog post is of a dirt path I walked on and all that tiny detail was right below my feet.

These tips for improving your vision will not only expand your experience in the world around you, one day they may help you to enhance something lost within another. What you focus on you amplify in the world. What is your vision focused on today? What are you missing right below your feet?

To learn more visit and I can teach you how to amplify your vision for a better view, so that you may learn, expand and transform your everyday life.

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