The art of mindful disruption

In our busy lives, the concept of mindful disruption may sound like a conundrum but it is currently exactly what we need.

This is why I called the blog I write ‘the art of mindful disruption’. For disruption seems to be the feature story of 2020. If you’ve missed it you must have been in a comma literally. Today it seems as though the whole world stopped wishing Friday would arrive in the place of 2021 arriving. When did we all wake up deciding to wish an entire year to end?

You might be asking why would a yoga & mindfulness coach write a blog about disruption? Well, to be honest, I think the world needs it! I am in as good a position as any to share some insights, so let me humour you for the next few minutes.

I have had both the most growth and most potential setbacks in my life packed into 2020! Honestly, I’m not kidding either when I say this. In the year I was to build a brand new business I lost the person I loved the most, then my beloved pet and was forced to shut my business due to COVID19.

But the real magic has happened in how I have grown continually through this experience. I didn’t give up, I didn’t collapse in a heap. In fact, I became relentless in the face of some of the toughest moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. While the world in front of my eyes keeps saying give up, my heart keeps saying sorry not happening! I feel this in every fibre of my being. Not in a crazy kind of way but in a calm and focused way.

So while it feels like the world around us has given up, take heart from my story. I’m just getting started and so could you as well. While people around us are binge-watching TV, and this may even be you (it's ok to own this). Try another option like me and decide to seize the opportunity to grow in every way you can!

Why? you might be asking is because the real battle hasn’t even started yet. COVID19 is merely the pause button. What is coming next is why I’m doing what I’m doing right now and also why I’m suggesting you take stock of where you are at too and plan your move forward.

Now I urge you to ask yourself these questions. What are you doing to be ready for what’s coming next? What have you personally learned from the pause of COVID19? Is your business or mindset going to be relevant in the new world we are about to head into?

This is why mindful disruption is so important because it’s time to stop thinking in old patterns that brought us here. We need innovators, problem solvers and pioneers to lead the way in the new world that is literally pounding on the door, right now as I write this blog. We need to disrupt ourselves not to turn this ship around but to chart a whole a new course!

There is no going back to a normal life. What is about to happen is the new normal. Keep in mind that before COVID19, statistically, the average Australian was only two weeks away from homelessness. Are you prepared for what’s coming? Or are you waiting for an end of lockdown miracle? If you are you might find the world is not going to be what you are expecting in the new COVID normal.

As famously said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’, then and only then will the world change. By working together we’ve got a collective opportunity to a create brighter future. Surely after the year we’ve had, that’s something worth fighting for. Mindful disruption could very well lead us all into those uncharted waters where victory awaits.

Human potential is astounding when focused. So if you want to be ready for what is coming next, learn how to prepare while the pause button is still on through the art of mindful disruption.


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