The art of rediscovering your writing creativity through Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga & Mindfulness can open your creativity portal in a way that is beyond beautiful. Take my story for example, as a writer. I reignited my creativity through Yoga awareness and Mindfulness expansion. The potential to do this is available to every one of us.

Imprints from our childhood

When I was a young child, I wrote a beautiful poem myself. My teacher thought it was so good I must have copied someone else’s, yet I had written it myself, without any help at all. The imprint of this situation left such a deep impression on my subconscious. I was merely a child. However, I did not write another poem for more than 30 years. Don’t let this be you!

Poetry is a beautiful way to feel emotions, share feeling and express how you interact with the world in present state awareness. Present state awareness is essential to enable you to feel the words of poetry move through your heart, and your mind to reach the paper.

You will be pleased to know that in the last ten years, I have written an entire book worth of poetry, some of which I have shared far and wide. I have written about many beautiful topics including; love, trust, understanding, forgiveness, religion, awareness, humility, perception, the future, and interestingly on words themselves.

Here is an example of a poem I wrote:-


Life begins with an open mind and heart

Just as it is intended at the start

As we grow and suffer as we all must do

Some of us closed up

Ask yourself is one of them you

To become the best you who you truly should be

It can only unfold if your mind and heart are free

Be kind and compassionate and steer your ship

Beyond the shores of doctrine and the words of another's lip

Question all you know

Each and every moment as you go

With a child's mind just like in the beginning

If you achieve this you'll know you are winning

written by Jeanette Peterson - April 2018

Rediscover your creativity

Today I share with you the story of how I lost poetry and rediscovered it, in the hope, it will inspire you to tap into your creativity without fear of judgement.

Then like I have, you can bring your beautiful words to life. They may mean more to the people you choose to share them with, than you may initially realise. In fact, there may actually be someone out there waiting to hear your words.

How I write poetry

Poetry comes to me in a flash, sometimes feeling like the words are literally trying to force their way through me. It begins with a feeling of words repeating in my head, often whilst asleep, in my dreams. The urge to write them down is so strong it literally wakes me up. I then write them down and return to sleeping. Sometimes I then wake up the next morning thinking it must have just been a dream. Then I look at my phone, and there it is, like magic.

Sometimes the words you write are meant for other people

In a flurry of inspiration, I have written words I would not use, and on topics, I know nothing about at all. Only to discover days later that, they were actually meant, for someone else. The person then appears in my life. I realise the poem was meant for them, and I share it. I learned to understand that I am simply a conduit of love.

I have shared my poetry often, and my words so lovingly created have moved people many times, even on occasions to tears. This is the beautiful power of unconditional love, through the creative endeavour of poetry.

Relaxing into the creative flow

Poetry is a kind of creative flow. When you learn to relax into it, it can feel magical to experience for both the writer and the reader alike. Your words have power. Set them free, and you might be surprised how they, in turn, can set you and others free too.

Through Yoga and Mindfulness, I have built a solid foundation of self-awareness and understanding how I both react with the world around me, and how it reacts with me. Present state awareness has enabled me to tap into the creative flow of poetry.

If you would like to learn how Yoga and Mindfulness can help unleash your creativity, book a free discovery session today.

Your creativity awaits you hidden just below the surface, beyond view. You have the manual, but together I can help you find the page it is on.




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