The beautiful catapult effect of defining moments

Not much more than a year ago on a cold Melbourne winters day, I had the pleasure of sitting in a room with a group of 33 amazing people. These people, including myself, had decided to take a huge leap of faith and step into the unknown. This meeting was not by chance a life-changing experience, for everyone in the room. It was day one of a three-day intensive speakers course and our world as we knew it was about to change forever.

This is one of many defining moments that have catapulted me forward in my life. This one was particularly special as it was the weekend I decided to quit my well-paying corporate gig and start my Yoga & Mindfulness Coaching practice.

Have you had moments in your life like this? Moments when suddenly everything changed and you saw the road ahead differently. It can be scary and exciting. Just remember that the only difference between fear and excitement is how you react based on your social & cultural conditioning. In your body, it is exactly the same. So it is down to interpretation within your mind. You have complete control of how you react in your mind. It is a learned skill.

For me, it was a significant decision that took all the courage I could muster to step into the unknown. I knew it was the right thing to do because I had decided to stop going with the flow. I was now following my vision of a better world for women through Yoga & Mindfulness Coaching.

Little did I know that the year ahead was about to hit us all in a way that none of us saw coming. COVID19 changed all our lives forever in many ways, some we are still yet to understand. For a new business, it would seem particularly hard. Especially considering I had a Yoga studio and I was forced to close my doors due to the pandemic of COVID19.

Here came the next defining moment. Do I just quit and go back to the corporate world, as many told me I should? Part of me balked for a moment and the finance person in my head said what about the money? But the visionary in me said to keep going so that is what I did.

I pivoted my business online and I focused on the road ahead. You can either see disruption or you can see opportunity. I am a visionary so I only see opportunity. Through times like COVID19, we need visionaries who just continue to march forward to show the way for others.

I liken the concept of a visionary to pioneer species of plants in a forest. You see when a piece of forest is returning back to nature first to come are the pioneer plants. They are not the huge canopy trees. They are the smaller trees that provide protection and shade for the seedlings of the canopy trees to grow. Eventually, the canopy trees grow taller and surpass the pioneer trees to form a massive canopy high into the forest. So you see pioneers help nurture the way forward for the forest in the same way that visionaries do in the midst of disruption and change.

Something I tell my clients often is 'Someone has to go first', why can't that person be you? When I am confronted time and time again with defining moments in my business and as I continue to grow as a person, I simply remind myself of the same thing. 'Jeanette, someone has to go first, why can't that person be you?' It has helped me to step up time and time again in my life. You can do the same. Sure it takes courage to step-up but what is the alternative?

The defining moments on the way are simply signposts on the long and winding road in life. There are many and we don't get them all right. Sometimes you will even find yourself heading off on what seems a very long detour but, maybe just maybe it is leading you to the next defining moment. Follow them like the little rays of sunlight within the forest, as they continue to lead you forward.


Follow my blog as I will continue to share my story in the hope that it will help other women to grow into their most authentic and powerful selves. The world needs us to step up and return the balance. As Brene Brown so beautiful puts it "It is time to step into the Arena, be vulnerable, be real and be without armour". I am here in the Arena waiting and ready to support you. I've got your back!

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