The delightful sliding polarities of masculine and feminine energy beyond gender identity

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In recent years I decided to delve into understanding the space of masculine and feminine energetic polarities. Let's be clear first this is no woo-woo topic. There is solid science around the projection of feminine and masculine energy. The most common potential for masculine and feminine polarities that come to people's minds are hormones and pheromones, which can affect both our physical body and our behaviour.

Let's begin at the beginning. You might be surprised to know that whether you identify as a man, woman, or gender-neutral, we all have both masculine and feminine energy. However, what is really interesting is how we actively slide along the scale of masculine and feminine polarities regardless of our gender identity.

In every part of our lives, we are both sliding and climbing the slippery slide of masculine and feminine energy interchangeably. We can move from feminine energy to masculine energy in what seems like an instant. Caused by an external or internal trigger to a situation, particularly in times of fear, the results can be short-lived or long-lasting, and sometimes even crippling. Regardless they are happening within the elaborate chemical factory within our body, every moment of every day.

So no matter how you identify in your mind and you appear in your physical body, your chemical factory might be telling you a vastly different story. Our modern world has changed a lot in how we can openly identify ourselves through our gender, yet the factory working on the inside is telling the real story. That we are humans first and foremost, more similar than we are different.

Are you listening to the story that your inner factory is telling you?

Cultural and social conditioning factors impact how we respond to different situations and relationships throughout life. Conditioning plays a heavy role in how we see the masculine and feminine energy play out in our life. If we have had strong role models, like a strongly masculine father, we can be heavily imprinted by that experience regardless of our gender. This experience will play out in our life as we grow, impacting all our relationships.

Navigating the sliding polarities of masculine and feminine energy in your life can be a delightful journey of discovery. It necessitates you to live a life of openness, awareness, self-knowledge, and intent to be open to the magic available in sliding the polarities.

With open awareness and some self-discovery, you can learn to lean into your feminine and masculine energy regardless of your own gender identity. Openly expressing both parts of your energy can be hugely rewarding, giving rise to experiencing life on a whole new level. Allowing you to feel into the full spectrum of enjoyment of life, shedding tears of joy, feeling into despair openly, and building courage and determination to achieve your goals in life, are all rewards available in the sliding polarities of feminine and masculine energy.

Equally, the people around you will also gain value, from your ability to successfully slide the polarities of feminine and masculine energy. When you learn to engage both the softness and strength, you become enriched as a human being, first and foremost, enriching those around you through your interactions.

Your feminine and masculine energetic relationship inside you is your own. There is no one standard approach, no right, no wrong. Just a beautiful world to discover between the polarities. Whether you identify as a man, a woman, or gender-neutral, these beautiful polarities exist to be discovered.

Where are you sitting on the slide? Could you do with enhancing some of your feminine energy? Would you like to be able to step into your masculine energy when you desire to?

Come and join me in delightfully sliding the polarities of masculine and feminine energy! You might be pleasantly surprised by the places of wonder you will find yourself within.

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