The gift of expressing your truth in written words delivered nowhere

Updated: Apr 29

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to yourself? Would it be to the younger version of yourself or the future you? What would you say?

Writing letters has now been replaced by email and text in the modern world, where we deliver the written word at high speed. Have we then lost the art of the long written letter, or have we simply made communication much easier? The answer may be different based on your age and experience in life. Whatever it looks like, as technology continues to move forward, advancements will continue to progress, supporting faster communication delivery.

Journalling isn't a new thing at all. For centuries people have been writing down their thoughts and experiences, sometimes to keep a log of memories, and sometimes to share with others. The historical, random writings of others have been used as reference material to understand a by-gone era.

In the modern world, to write down feelings and experiences can be incredibly cathartic. Sometimes to simply write down a difficult experience in life helps us to do two very important things. Firstly, the articulation of the experience into words can help us to understand the experience more objectively. Secondly, the process of converting an experience to the written word can ultimately be an act as a release, allowing you to continue through life, no longer burdened by the circumstances.

Journalling then, in its beautiful simplicity can release sadness, fear, sorrow and hurt, that may be burdening your heart. On the upside, it can also help you to articulate the beautiful experiences that enter your life as they arrive, kept as a memory so delightfully articulated in the written word. To revisit these memories or pass them onto your children as a memoir can be a beautiful thing to do.

So if you are a techno minded person, technology can help support your journaling experience. If you rather write by hand, then stick with the old world charm of writing and buy yourself a beautiful journal to hold your handwritten notes. The choice is yours.

Either way, you will be preserving your experiences for years to come, and releasing potential pain that would otherwise remain stored in your subconscious. The experience will potentially allow for you to progress forward on your onward journey in life, whole, healed and present.

Journaling mindfully can bring a process of healing back into your life, that will support your personal growth. Allowing for out with the old and in with the new. No matter who you are, the personal experience of journaling is powerful, authentic and safe.

The process of Journaling in your life can simply be your private conversation with the universe, God or yourself, whatever works for you as an individual because it is all about you.

I discovered recently, through the personal loss of my mother, that the beautiful act of journaling, can form a delightful memoir for your children in the future. I had the joy of reading some of my mother's journal notes which reminded me, of some of the joy she experienced in life. In the months post her passing, this was a very comforting experience, which helped me go through her belongings with joy in my heart rather than sorrow.

The act of journaling then becomes a cross-generational legacy, that can bring joy back into your life. Then when you have gone it can also bring joy back into the life of the loved ones you leave behind, at a time when it often feels like the joy has departed at the moment you left.

Would you benefit from journaling in your life? Would you like to leave a legacy behind to comfort your children once you have gone?

Would like to know more about how journaling mindfully can bring joy, release and a legacy of love?

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The healing potential of your words begins with you!






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