The importance of presence when a cry for help arrives

Updated: Apr 29

The cries for help can be as subtle as a gentle whisper in the dead of night. They might be from within you or a desperate call from another. No matter where they come from, these cries for help are seeking your presence and your love.

The life-saving act of presence

Have you made or missed these cries for help? Did you heed the cry from another with your presence? or did you brush them off? We've all done this at some point in our lives. Sometimes the effects are subtle and sometimes catastrophic.

Presence is the greatest gift you have to give both yourself and others around you. Your presence could literally safe a life! Never underestimate the power of presence.

So before we can truly understand its power, we need to take a step back and understand what it looks like to be present. However, first, we need to understand how we became not present in our life and the world around us. There are many ways to explain this, however, the best way to understand it is with a personal experience from my very own life, as I meandered on my journey to become a mindfulness coach.

The struggle with presence

Not so long ago, I struggled with presence just like everyone around me seemed to. One day I was simply forced to stop. I was in a spiral of despair, regret, sadness and anxiety that was gripping me in a way that felt completely out of control. The worst part was that I had no idea why. I had a good life, so it would seem on the outside. I had a good job that I enjoyed. I had people around me who loved me, and I did all the things in life I loved to do.

The need to stop

So what went wrong, you might be wondering? I forgot to stop! I was a high energy person who never stopped for a moment. I did everything to the maximum, and I fueled my life with the usual suspects of stimulants to keep me going. One day I injured myself whilst training to compete in a half ironman. I attempted to train my way through my injury. To my detriment, it made my injury worse. I was literally cycling, swimming and running away from fear. The fear of what would happen if I stopped. What would I have to face in the silence?

Is this you too? Like I did, do you feel ungrateful for all the blessings in your life and guilty about it to boot? Yet hidden below the surface, is there pain and suffering unresolved?

The vanishing art of presence

Presence requires us to stop, feel, wait and acknowledge, not solve anything, like many of us automatically do. In the society that we live in today, in a constant hurry from one thing to the next, presence has become almost obsolete. It has become a vanishing art. Nothing around us seems to stop, giving us little opportunity to feel, wait and acknowledge anything. So what does this mean? In simple terms, we have turned life into a fast forward motion with neverending loops of stimuli, with a solutions mindset.

How not stopping impacts our sleep

Unfortunately, far too many of us have forgotten how to stop at all until we literally must sleep. Even when fatigue sets in, too many of us still can't turn the mind off hyperspeed, causing high levels of insomnia regularly.

Do you struggle to sleep? Are you overstimulated by social media? Do you find it hard to switch off and be still? You are not an island. This is much more common in our society than you may think. At night when we all should be resting, there are still millions of people laying wide awake, struggling to sleep at all.

Health implications

For our health, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the cry for help from our body. Yet we don't hear it because we are wound up like a spring, overstimulated and exhausted. Not exactly the ideal space for awareness. Left unattended in ourselves, disease and potential mental health problems often follow, and we all know what that looks like. Left unattended in those whom we love, we are faced with a long list of mental health problems. Unattended these problems can lead to the catastrophe of losing a loved one to divorce, and the most painful of all, suicide. Where we so frequently say, we didn't see the signs. They were always there, subtle cries for help, but we missed them. Then comes the guilt.

A life that passes you by

When we live this way we feel like life is passing us by. You know the feeling like, where did the last year go? It is a common complaint I hear all too regularly. Yet we continue to wish the working week away, and when it happens we wonder why.

Stopping is transformational

Once you learn to stop and develop your awareness, you learn to tap into not only the cries of help whispering from within. You also become a witness to the cries of help from others, that you missed before. It is so beautiful to discover this in life. Guess what happens next! Life starts to slow down because you are witnessing life at a normal pace, present to the moments in every day, instead of living at hyperspeed.

Becoming aware of those cries for help becomes a magical act that transforms every relationship in your life. When you become present, you give people a beautiful gift. The chance to be heard, which is something that every one of us craves. To be heard is to be truly present in someone else's life, filling your heart with love.

Would like to know more about how the power of presence can transform your life and the lives of those around you?

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Your presence will set you free!






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