The magnificent & powerful practice of positive manifestation

A healthy dose of positivity goes a long way, particularly in these disruptive times of COVID19. If you are feeling that the world seems to be filled with doom and gloom right now, then maybe you need to consider changing the lens you are looking through.

Whilst there is always difficulty in the world, there is also equal prosperity. Great things are happening right alongside things that appear to be terrible. It is all about the lens you look through in life. If you look through the lens of negativity, then your view of all the good in the world will likely be beyond your vision completely. In turn, you will amplify the negativity.

Now I am not suggesting that you simply pretend life is all roses because, with all that is going on in the world, this is certainly not the case. However, when we begin to look at the world mindfully, we understand what is in our control and what is not in our control. When we focus on what seems to be going wrong in the world, we are then focused on the things that are mainly out of our control. We do this with laser-like precision.

So today, don't you think it is about time we look through the lens of positivity, even within the midst of disruption. You see, behind the potential negative facts, if you look carefully, there are always upsides. So let's take a look at how changing the lens can impact your positive outlook.

Here in Australia, during the pandemic, we hear a lot about new cases of COVID, outbreaks and deaths. All this can weigh heavily in our minds and within our emotions. So let us look at some positive facts that you can easily discover through official channels, yet are not actively made public.

At the time of writing this blog, there have been 202,107 COVID19 cases here in Australia, which sounds pretty scary right! But guess what, 200,134 people have survived. This means that 99% of all Australian's who have been infected by COVID have survived. Now that is a much better lens to look through don't you think?

We can go further and consider the statistics for cancer survival rates too. There were 150,782 people diagnosed with cancer this year. Yet 129,161 are still alive. That is a survival rate of 86% of the loved ones diagnosed who are still will us today. I imagine this is a precious reality coming into the festive season. What a beautiful feeling, knowing that they get to spend this Christmas with their loved ones.

Now, if you look back to pre-COVID19 there were 302,084 reported cases of the Flu in 2019, of which 301,272 survived. That is a survival rate of 99%.

These facts are a reminder that what you focus on, you feed in life. If we focus on deaths and new transmission in our communities, we focus on building fear, distress and anxiety in your life. As with all things in life, knowledge is power. However, understanding what you can do with knowledge alongside a positive mindset is exponentially more powerful.

This is just a minute snapshot of what a positive attitude in life can bring you. Imagine if you could learn to apply a positive perception in this time of disruption. How easy would it be to apply it in the future? Often the best time to learn new skills is when we are under pressure. In these situations, we are often pushed, which then enables us to discover parts of ourselves that have remained obscured from us previously.

My own experience of COVID19 could quite easily have been considered the worst years of my life. After losing my business, my mother and my dog all during the first part of COVID. It could have tipped me over the edge, but it didn't. I used my mindfulness practices to accept, learn, love and grow through my adversity.

You also can expand your ability for positivity in your life. When you do, anything and everything is possible. You simply need to begin to understand, that with a small injection of belief in the things you never knew possible, the impossible comes into view. Then when you see what is possible, you can take action. This is the magnificent and powerful practice of positive manifestation. It is within your reach!

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