The magnitude of redesigning your relationship with time

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Our relationship to time is significant in life. If life feels like time is flying by before your very eyes, consider where your focus is. Are you present in your life? Or are you one of the many people in life who dread that it is Monday morning and time to go back to work? Or even worse, are you wishing that Friday would hurry up and arrive, and the week has barely begun?

We are a society obsessed with time. So much so that many of us run our lives in the fear of missing out (FOMO). But what we are actually missing out on is living a full life because we simply are not present.

The relationship we have with time significantly impacts the quality of life that we get to experience. A lack of presence where time flies can often cause anxiety, and sometimes even a sense of panic. In this situation time always feels like it is running away from us, and we just can't seem to catch up. Playing the catchup game is not fun and will impact your overall health and wellbeing if left unchecked.

So what is the alternative you might be thinking, of when you are doing a job that doesn't bring you joy, stuck in a relationship that no longer serves you, or just plain lost in life? There is always an alternative. No matter where you are at and what isn't working right now, you have the power to redesign your life in every way you choose.

To redesign your life it is important to consider many things, and one of those is the relationship you have with time. Knowing that you can change your situation is a great place to begin. The feeling of having no control can be debilitating and create the sensation of ground-hog day, on repeat.

When this feeling arrives in your life, it is a timely reminder (excuse the pun) to stop and observe where you are. When you stop, consider how present you are in your life? If your focus is on the past or the future, you need to return to the present moment. Be fully in your life exactly as it is unfolding. Feel into your emotions, every one of them as they arrive.

We all know that sometimes life is tough. When we are doing something that is causing us discomfort, distress and a plethora of other emotions, we want it all to end. It has become a normal part of the modern world to avoid the present. However, feeling into our life where it is right now is more powerful than you might think.

Here is where we discover the opportunities for the future, create the pathways for future success, and feel the love and gratitude for even the smallest things in life. In the present moment, we get to feel the love from our family and friends, and the glorious tiny miracles happening all around us. We are not in yesterday, and we don't know tomorrow. It is only here and now that we get to experience life in all its splendour.

It is worth remembering, that each time you move away from the present moment to avoid the difficult times, you are also avoiding the beauty, opportunities and wonder all around you. Why would you want to do that?

Therefore when you redesign your relationship with time, you turn up the meter for joy and fulfilment in your life. Why? Because when you are present, you are welcoming in all of life. That is the whole package, which you were always meant to experience.

For it is the polarities of life that bring understanding and knowledge. Without sorrow, how would you possibly know joy? Without a sleepless night, how would you value a good night's sleep? Without illness, how could you possibly value your good health? The polarities are the experiences that bring richness to our lives. To experience the richness we need to experience them all.

I have learned to reach into the richness of the polarities of life by being present. I feel the sorrow. I feel the excitement. I feel the joy. Moment by moment, in all its richness and diversity I choose to feel it all. Today I live not in perfect control of life, but within the act of perfect surrender. For as time passes, so too does each experience including the emotions of pain, disappointment and loss.

Want to know more about how mindfulness can help you to redesign your relationship with time?

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