The power of treating books like conversations

Reading it would seem you either love it or hate it. Have you ever wondered why? Reading problems are one of the most common blocks I come across with clients, yet it is a necessary skill to survive in the modern world. If you want to thrive you need to learn to love it!

If you are told anything negative about reading during your young impressionable years it sticks to you like gum under the edge of a school desk. You can’t always see it, but when your hand touches it you know exactly what it is right! It is simply hidden from view.

Social and cultural conditioning touches every part of our lives in ways beyond our belief at times. Once you know and understand this concept your awareness becomes heightened and simple experiences can start to look very different indeed.

The hidden nature of negative imprints and conditioning around simple things like reading can be debilitating, not just as a child but right into your adult years. I meet so many people who think they are terrible readers, through imprints caused by social conditioning. The impact of the imprint is often so significant that they simply don’t read books at all.

When I tell people I can easily read a dozen books at once, the standard response is ‘there is no way I could do that’. Yet I’ve asked every person who has said that ‘have you tried’. One hundred percent have said no.

So why is it that so many people seem to know they are terrible at something they have never tried? Negative bias and social conditioning. They are powerful causes of debilitations in life.

We are no longer cavemen fighting for our lives needing to flee from predictors. I think it is safe to say that negative bias is no longer serving us well. It’s time to evolve.

I explain regularly that reading a dozen books at once is easy once you adjust your mindset. It’s that simple. I treat books like conversations. You have many different conversations with a variety of people throughout a day. Consider a conversation like a chapter. There are gaps in conversations and we move between conversations all the time. So why can’t you do the same with chapters of books?

In fact, the very act of reading books in tandem can help you to absorb the content of each book better. But first, you must believe it is possible.

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