The power of Yoga to expand human connections

The inward journey of yoga has brought me a great understanding of myself. Once I understood myself it became easy to accept and understand others because I came from a position of clarity and certainty. A starting point that I see so frequently missing in the world today.

To many of us, it can seem incredibly difficult to navigate the world, with seemingly a minefield of constant information coming at us. What do we believe? What do we do? Who do we follow? Who do we trust?

Throughout our entire lives, we are overlaid with social and cultural conditioning. We are bombarded with expectations of who and what we should be. This happens from a very young age. However, for the vast majority, our true authenticity gets buried below the rubble.

We learn to constantly seek all the answers outside from others which creates further confusion. We all go to school and learn that teachers are the font of all knowledge and wisdom and we hang on their every word. I am sure like me you can think of a teacher you looked up to in your school years. If you think hard you are probably still holding onto a belief of something that they taught you.

There are common examples of this I hear regularly from clients and some of which I have experienced myself. Were you ever told at school that you were not good at something? Was it a sport? Was it singing? Was it maths? This was simply a judgement at a time in history. However, during these impressionable years, you grabbed hold of this idea and ran with it. So as an adult many of us still subconsciously think that we are apparently were not good at something, because one person told us as a child. An imprint was born based on an opinion of just one person. These imprints can be incredibly debilitating in life.

Imagine for a moment life is just a long and winding river. You are floating down the river of life. Then one day someone tells you that you are not good at something, so you grab it like a tree on the river bank and part of you remains stuck right there. The river continues to flow but that part of you is stuck and never moved forward. How many trees on the river of life do you think you have left part of your self confidence with? How many trees have some of your self worth? How many trees have pieces of your courage?

Without understanding for our true self how can we possibly gain an understanding of others? The journey of self discovery through Yoga helps you to go back up the river and collect the parts of you that you left behind, so that you may take your whole self forward in this beautiful journey called life.

This very understanding is the connection that binds us together. Whether it be in a relationship, your family unit, your local community and the greater global community. We’ve lost understanding because many of us have lost parts of ourselves.

The blind leading the blind is a saying that comes to mind. We are more aware of our differences than what unites us. This is woven into the fabric of our basic human nature to focus on the negative. It is a well documented primal instinct that served us well as cavemen, but quite irrelevant to the vast majority of us now in the modern world.

Through the complexity of social and cultural conditioning, we have now allowed the thoughts, beliefs and expectations from others to become us all. We often blindly believe what the people in our circles of trust tells us and then run with them our entire lives.

I pose to you an important question which may be food for thought. Is the passing down of the notion of blindly following serving us today? Should we be reevaluating the relevance based on where we are at instead of where we were when the original idea formed?

If this notion was followed in business today, where would your business be? Would your business even exist if you had maintained the principles of 100 years ago? This seems like a no-brainer to answer in a business sense, doesn't it? So why do we not apply the same principals to personal human evolution?

The levels of complicity, compliance and complacency have never been so high. Yet our uniqueness is the gift we bring the world. Where is your gift hidden? Is it back up the river stuck on a tree like mine was?

It is time to bring your unique gift to the world! We need answers, we need solutions and we need pioneers to lead the way forward. Which one are you? What are you bringing to the world? Do you want more?

Join me to expand human connection through the power of the inward journey of yoga. Instead of looking out, start by looking in and let the magic begin.


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