The simplicity of the healing powers of nature right before you

Updated: Apr 29

Do you yearn for that sense of calm that you see in others, yet it feels as though it has alluded you for what seems like forever?

Connecting to this sense of calm can be incredibly beneficial to all areas of your life. When you feel calm, you can relax more, make better decisions, and are less likely to be triggered by negative interactions with others.

Who doesn't want this in their life right now? We all have a natural yearning for happiness.

The answer to your longing for calm could be hiding in plain sight, right under your nose. It could be as simple as getting into your backyard, the local park or a beautiful national park, depending on where you live.

Nature is closer to us than we often think. Sometimes we only see nature as a huge national park that stretches as far as the eye can see. In reality, it is all around us. The birds and nature are here with us, even in cities. We simply need to stop for a moment and get in touch with the present.

So when the stress levels increase at work, try going for a lunchtime walk. Become present to the small things on your walk, and see if you can find a local park where you can re-connect with nature, even if only in a small way. Stop and drink that coffee on a park bench rather than rushing back to your desk. Not only will you benefit from the five minutes out but so too will your co-workers.

You never know how your routine to regroup may rub off on others around you, including your family. When you return home after a busy and stressful day at work, knowing you have managed your own stress with a little time in nature, you then don't take it home. The benefits of reducing the impact on those in your life who you love are far-reaching.

For many years whilst working in the corporate world, I practised walking meditation. There are significant benefits in creating a better mindset personally and professionally. I was able to support the people around me better. When I walked from the station to work whilst doing walking meditation, I got to the office in a better headspace, calm and focused, ready to take on the job that needs to be done.

Then, when I practised walking meditation on my way back to the station after work, I allowed myself to be present and wind down with the world, in the small things. Letting go of the stresses and tension that could have built up over the day, supported my work-life balance immensely, and can do the same for you too in your life.

Walking meditation is fairly easy to learn, and there are many tools available to guide you through the process. When you learn to become more aware of the simple things, including the engagement of your five senses, you can gain a deeper connection to the present moment. Instead of being trapped by what could have already gone wrong in the office, or might go wrong in the future, we then become bound to the present.

The present is where peace of mind is. The present moment is also where the beauty of nature is illuminating our lives. When our minds wander from the past to the future, we miss all the beauty on the way. We miss the colour spectrum of the leaves, delightfully changing from golden to red, as they begin to fall off the trees in autumn. We miss the sun rising and setting illuminating our surroundings with its orange glow across the sky. We miss the flowers as they bloom in people's front gardens, and we miss the glorious smiles of those who we pass by at that moment.

So next time you feel stressed, step outside your door, connect to the present moment, and admire the things around you through all your five senses. Drop into nature and experience the power of healing through the connection of the natural world.

Your ability to do this will impact both your personal and professional life in ways you may never have imagined possible.

Would you like to know more about how mindfulness can help you to be present with nature? To reduce stress, anxiety and a whole host of everyday problems!

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The healing powers of nature are waiting for you. It all begins with you today!






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