The untapped potential of Mindful Leadership

Leaders are not merely those people promoted in the standard organisational way. They are those people in every part of an organisation that support others through kindness and consideration. They are the pioneers prepared to take risks with their vulnerability to foster success for a cause greater than that of their own.

Mindful leaders do not command followers because of their appointment to a position. It occurs as a result of their natural ability to be influential through the actions that inspire those around them. These people frequently lead from within and from positions, that superficially in organisational charts appear to have no significance at all.

You will have known these kinds of leaders because they are the unsung heroes and are everywhere from the sales counter, the mailroom, behind the coffee machine and often propping up a person in an official capacity as a leader like a Manager. The reason I know this is because I was one. I was the go-to person that everyone looked to for guidance in their day to day work and support when everything went pear-shaped. I worked quietly in the background for many years fostering enduring and loyal relationships in my workplace. I did this because I came from a heart centred place of love.

Your business or organisation could be sitting on a gold mine of mindful leadership that existed all along. Imagine if your organisation learned how to tap into this pool of existing resources to motivate and innovate. What would your workplace look like fully engaged with mindful leadership?

Natural leaders are frequently undervalued and underestimated in their capacity. They are not loud and gregarious people with irritating opinions that they are forcing on others, because they are often thinkers and empathetic people who care a lot about the people around them. These people are what I like to call glue people. They frequently hold everything together. Nine times out of ten, it goes completely unnoticed. They make what they do look effortless because they are genuine and driven from the heart.

That is until they leave when the space they filled becomes a hole. These people continue to be referenced year's after they leave an organisation or workplace. They only depart because they feel undervalued. They may have sort promotions with no success. They may have championed causes and not credited for their work. They are the silent army, trying to progress the organisation or business forward as the pioneers they are yet they remain unnoticed and unappreciated.

Can you think of someone you have worked with like this? Maybe you are one of these people too? Are you feeling undervalued or appreciated in the workplace?

Mindful leadership is quite possibly the final frontier for the workplace. It is potentially the saviour that existed right under our very noses all along. Hidden from view in plain sight is frequently where the pioneering spirit exits, waiting to be captured by the hearts and minds of its audience.

Mindful leaders don't think they have all the answers because they see them in others around them. They believe in collective contribution and the power that this brings to the table in achieving growth in an organisation.

It is time to take the concept of mindful leadership to the next level, to foster exceptional business growth through inclusion and inspiration. To recognise the value that exists within the organisation and promote these leaders to roles where they can do their greatest good. The positive impact of mindful leadership produces a ripple effect that will be felt right across the organisation because mindfulness is the opposite of stagnation. Many organisations are stagnating when it is time to move.

If you would like to know more about how mindful leadership can help your business or organisation grown in ways you never imagined possible, reach out so that we can co-create what will be the best decision you ever made.




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