Uncertainty - discover through mindfulness that the natural world has all the answers

Updated: Apr 29

What does surfing and uncertainty have in common? Read on and you just might discover something new!

Every situation where you will ever feel stuck nature has already found a solution for. This idea is a big concept right! However, a cool concept to consider. When you look closely, nature over millions of years has discovered all the answers. Maybe you just may have not noticed them yet.

Recently I met a young man who shared his experiences with difficulties of uncertainty. This situation is not something only he is controlled by, I see and talk about this concept with many people of all ages. It is far more common in our society than we realise.

Through social and cultural conditioning we are all taught the art of control, somewhat to our detriment. Unfortunately, this deep-rooted desire for control, without knowing it, can become incredibly debilitating in life.

You might be saying how is this so? It easy really, because the only thing in life we have control over is how we respond, in any given situation. Yet we are taught by example to attempt to control situations, people, and outcomes daily. Nature understands how to engage implicitly. She has learned adaption, surrender, working in harmony, and applying simplicity.

If you feel stuck somewhere in life, look to nature, and you are sure to find an answer. All around us in the natural world, we find beautiful solutions so eloquently delivered, time and time again.

Forests of tree species decide a year in advance to flower in unison, considering things like the available water supply. Group flowering on mass supports better reproduction through pollination and therefore ensuring the continuation of their species. The very same trees share nutrients supporting both the young and the old in their entire community. All this occurs through an elaborate forest of equal size, right below our feet in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. This is the equivalent of the World Wide Web of a forest, formed millions of years ago in nature, long before the internet we have come to rely on today as humans.

Michael Singer says it so well in his words from the untethered soul. "The world is unfolding, and it really has very little to do with you or your thoughts. It was here long before you came, and it will be here long after you leave."

Understanding this, and how we can learn from it, is powerful indeed!

I learned this by observing nature at her best and her worst. When she battled the odds, even when she failed, and when she triumphed ever so beautifully. I marvel daily how over millions of years, she has learned to work in harmony with others. All the answers are here for us to see, in her history and in present moment awareness. Experiencing her beauty moment by moment, breath by breath.

I have had the privilege to study both the environment and yoga simultaneously. During my studies, correlations and intersections became immediately obvious to me. As a result of extended times in quiet contemplation in nature, I learned the depths of how nature so lovingly shares her secrets with us all. She kindly has rewarded me time and time again with her wisdom.

Take the example of surfing and how it relates to the beautiful art of going with the flow. I’m no surfer I can tell you. However, we all know that the ocean can be a formidable place as the forces of the ocean can be unpredictable and wild. When you surf, you learn to accept the uncertainty of the ocean itself and surrender to the flow of the waves. Some surfers have even said to me that they become one with the ocean, feeling into the waves instinctively and surrendering to their power.

There is much more at play here than merely riding a wave. We all know the moon controls the tidal movement of the ocean, it is pure science right! We also know that the majority of the earth's surface is water, equal to that of our own body.

You can see where I’m going here yeah? So it makes sense that when you surrender control and become one with the ocean, you can enjoy the best surf that you may have ever experienced. Yet if you choose to fight the ocean when surfing, you end up face down with a mouthful of sand lol.

When we work in harmony with nature rather than against her, she supports and nurtures us. We see this all around us when we degrade the earth she hits back with fire, drought and disease because the natural world knows how to survive, in ways we are yet to understand. She has done this for millions of years before us, and she is our greatest teacher, should we choose to witness her wisdom.

So next time when you have a problem you need to solve look to nature, you might be surprised just like science often is, that the natural world might very well hold all the answers we've been looking for right under our nose, hidden in plain sight.

Once you learn to go on the inward journey, through mindfulness, to understand yourself as I have. You will see the solutions to every problem you have ever had in the past and will ever have in the future because the natural world has had millions of years head start on us all.

Want to know more about how mindfulness can connect you to infinite possibilities through understanding yourself and the natural world?

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