Uncovering the power of getting out of your own way

So often in life when we are struggling we feel like life is letting us down. It can be hard when it feels like the struggles just keep coming right? The truth be known it is more often because without even realising it you are getting in your own way. A tricky concept to get your head around, and sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but incredibly worthwhile to do.

When you get support to get some understanding of how you could be getting in your own way, the path forward can suddenly appear and become very clear. It's kind of like the windows have fogged up in your car. Once you realise you have control to overcome the obstacle you usually just do it. Like turning the air onto the windscreen to un-fog it right! One moment your vision was obscured, the next it is clear.

In life, we get in our own way for many reasons but the big show stopper to forward motion in life is the big F, fear. It stops us dead in our tracks at times and can hold us back from success for an entire lifetime. We all have fear in our life at some point. It comes and it goes. There is no difference in the human body chemically between fear and excitement. So then what makes us feel different is our emotional attachment to fear. You have the will and the power to change your mind about fear at any time.

The most common fear is the fear of failure. We've all been there at some point. You know what the self-talk looks like! What if I fail? What will people think? Will I be letting someone I love down?

When we fear failure it stops us from trying new things which mean we miss opportunities in life, time and time again. It is necessary to fail because they are important lessons to learn. I have failed many times. Every successful person has and many have failed monumentally, sometimes more than once. Failure builds character, resilience and an ability to reflect. These skills are incredibly important to develop to become successful in life.

First, you must be willing to show up courageously and give new things a go. You must step up and outside your comfort zone by putting on your courage suit, whatever that looks like and just give it your best shot. The greatest rewards come from taking the greatest risks. So if you want everything then you must be prepared to put everything on the line for it.

It's a simple yogic philosophy I like to live by ’If you want something in life first you must give it away’. Sounds counter-productive right! But it's not though, because when you put it out there the universe returns it to you in a perfect loop. The universe works in harmonious synchronicity this way. You want love, give love freely. You want money, be generous. Show the universe what you want. If you bring fear into the world you simply amplify fear and you create a roadblock because you have put fear in your own way.

As Deepak Chopra writes so eloquently in his book, The seven spiritual laws of success, "If you stop the flow of energy, you are interfering with nature's intelligence."

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