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Yoga is not a standard fixed routine. It is your routine of bringing joy and love into your life and the lives of others around you. At this time of year, I think it is particularly poignant to remember the joy in every beautiful form that comes in.

You are unique, living your personal journey to date, encapsulating vastly different experiences in your life. Therefore your yoga experience should be equally unique.

Working as a Yoga and Mindfulness Coach I see this beautiful uniqueness flourish in people in so many different ways. So if you think yoga isn’t for you think again. Developing your own personal yoga practice, with help, you will find your uniqueness and or expand it into brave new spaces.

Whether you learn to breathe better, gain a greater understanding of stillness in your life, or move in better ways to nourish your body. The rewards of your unique yoga practice are extensive.

By finding a balance through breathing, movement and stillness in your life, in your own way life becomes more fulfilling and therefore brings more enjoyment.

Breathing better can improve your well-being in many ways helping to support a less stressful life, and allowing you to expand into unchartered territories at different stages of your life.

Whilst better breathing supports every function of your body with greater oxygen supply resulting in overall physiological wellness improvements. It also helps to keep you alert in times of attention and calm in times of relaxation.

Our breath is the very life force that runs through our body, without it, we cease to exist. So even though we are complex beings, there is still a simplicity in our survival. Overlaying this simplicity in our approach to our everyday life brings great rewards.

Nurturing stillness in your yoga practice, in the busy world we live in, helps to slow the pace down. This gives the body and the mind a chance to relax and recover because we simply can’t retain a high-speed life without good rest.

Stillness helps to enhance our rest for better outcomes when we need to be active, allowing for times of focus to be more efficient and rewarding.

Developing a stillness practice also allows you time to reflect on what is working and what is not in your life, helping you to change as you naturally change at different stages of your life. If you would like to read more on reflective practices check out my blog which focuses on the powerful practice of reflection.

And finally, adopting a good practice of movement relevant to your current phase of life keeps your body functioning well. We all know how a healthy body affects the mind also. When we have a good physical moment regime we naturally feel happier in life because we are not restricted in what we can do.

The practice of movement is not only different in varying phases of life but even in smaller increments like the monthly and weekly cycles of life. By discovering a good movement yoga practice you will enhance how you feel in your body. So let's be clear, this is not the downward dog for everyone. It is fluidity in the body and how that looks for each of us is unique.

Is today the day to rise above and look beyond what you thought Yoga was to discover something greater? Is it time to consider re-creating who you want to be next year? and what parts you would like to leave behind in 2020, the year that was?

Would you like to know more about how finding harmony in your specific yoga practice can help expand your life?

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You are meant to live a joyful and expansive life. By developing your yoga practice you can understand what that means specifically for you. Together we can co-create exactly was that looks like through all stages of your life.




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