Unleashing the power of creativity through the magic of flow

The state of flow in life is best described as an openness to opportunity in the moment, without the desire to control everything. Social conditioning teaches us the desire for control because as children we constantly see adults who seem to control everything and we want a piece of that action yes?

Surrendering to the moments as they arrive is the ultimate flow state of awareness. When you surrender fully you learn to trust in the process. Understanding that what you need will come when you need it, even if you can't see it right now.

It takes practice to learn to surrender to flow because by the time you realise you are addicted to control you are an adult. It is necessary to unravel years of habitual behaviour of wanting to control everything. You will be surprised however with some initial awareness of your own behaviour small changes can appear quite quickly.

When creativity collides with flow this is where the true magic happens. Flow unlocked my personal creativity. When I learned to understand flow and surrendered to it, creativity came in sudden surges like I had never seen before.

I was waking up at all kinds of times in the night, with the feeling of words trying to force their way out of my head literally. It was like they were demanding to be written. So I’d turn on a lamp, pick up my phone and madly write, then 5 minutes later I’d fall back asleep. Some mornings I would wake up thinking I must have dreamed it, then I would check my phone and there it was a complete and beautiful poem. This is how my flow began.

This is not a phenomenon, many writers experience this sense of urgency to write. In fact Elizabeth Gilbert beautifully describes it in her book ’big magic’. She goes on to explain that she started to write a book, life got in the way and she never finished it. Then one day she met the person who wrote and published it. If that doesn't give you goosebumps I don’t know what will.

Don't worry unlocking flow and allowing it the opportunity to collide with creativity doesn't mean you will be awake all night. When your flow and creativity collide it is your very own magic and it will come to you in your own individual way. However the day it begins to happen you will remember always.

Is it your time to unleash your creativity through the magic of flow?

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