Why I write with purpose, intention and love

As a yoga and mindfulness coach, I frequently get asked two things about writing. The first is why I write in the first place? The second is how do I find time in a busy life to find space to write at all?

I think it is worthwhile to start at the beginning. I am passionate about writing because when I write from the heart, it feels purposeful in every fibre of my being. We all learn to write at a relatively young age in life right, as a means to learn, grow and to communicate with others. Yet for some reason on the way, we decide some are better at it than others. Maybe, the conditioning of education stifles the very act of communicating with love, from one heart to another.

For me, writing is a creative endeavour that enables me to communicate purpose, intention and love. I do not write what I think others will want to read. I prefer to share my story as a written journey felt through my heart. I do this in the hope that my words reach those who need them, so that they may ignite the passion for whatever exists deep within you, the reader. Personally I therefore write as an act of service and an act of love.

So how do I do this you say? Writing from the heart requires a willingness to be vulnerable, a desire to share from a place of openness, love and a longing for deep connection. It then gives others the opportunity and permission to do the same.  

Whether it be writing a journal, a letter or a book, it can be a beautiful act of love. Being willing to put your feelings and desires into words on a page, whether it be electronic or paper, instead of just the spoken form gives them a beautiful strength and purpose. When you write words down, they are captured in time and can then be referred to again, even when memory fails us. In a way, the written word is a gesture of love immortalised like the love letters of a loved one passed on.

Think of the written words of those people that you admire from the past. What comes up for you? Just like the quotes that inspire you and the passages in books that still move you, decades later. Without writers, none of this would exist. We would forget the original intent of the words like a game of Chinese whispers if we merely passed down these words through speech.

As a constant student of yoga, I am eternally grateful for the teachings of yoga that were written down by Patanjali. For they have brought me great joy and wisdom, of which I am today sharing with you.

I find time to write because I make space in my heart for the words to rise, so that they may offer you hope. Whether it be for a moment or a lifetime, my heart reaches yours through the words on a page. Now that is pure magic in the making don’t you think?

So today, make your very own magic and write down the words that connect you to what your heart desires. You never know what your written word may do for another, with or without your knowledge, your conviction through the written word is powerful.

If this resonates with you and you would like to know how to reconnect to a heart centred practice of writing reach out. Follow my blog and feel the love in my words or book a free discovery session today and learn how to share the love.





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