Why Yoga could uncover your best version of you

I have lost count of how many times people have said to me “I tried yoga years ago, but it’s not for me”.

It’s kind of like buying a car. You rarely buy the first car you see right. You take some, often many for test drives and you learn about all the features and benefits before you buy one. Yoga like any other choice in life requires inquiry, observation and experiencing a few different options before you find your fit.

There is a yoga path for everyone because it is the potential to uncover the best version of you. Who doesn’t want that in life? You know that feeling of ease when you are in flow with life completely.

Have you had one of those occasions when you had a meeting and everything came together perfectly like it was effortless? The exact words you need came just as you needed them. Then at the end of the meeting, you were high fiving yourself because you nailed it! That is flow and authenticity on a beautiful collision path.

We’ve all had tastes of the sweetness of flow but most struggle to understand how to keep it, and many have only experienced mere glimpses. Flow happens when you sink into you in each moment as it arrives, trusting in the stillness. Understanding that you don’t need to orchestrate everything, you surrender and accept what will be will be.

Moving from control to flow is possible for everyone, with some guidance, support and trust.

It is surprisingly closer to you than you think. Yoga is a beautiful way to invite flow into your life. By creating awareness and stillness, you allow for those gaps between thoughts and flow begins to appear in your life. It almost feels magical because it happens when you least expect it.

When I learned to invite flow into my life, everything changed including my work and relationships. Now flow is a natural part of my day to day. The most incredible thing is that the potential for flow is limitless. I’m not kidding about this either. There is no ending to the possibilities that can unfold when you invite flow into your life. First I opened doors that once were closed, then I knocked down walls that seemed impossible.

If you’d like to learn how finding the right yoga journey for you, could unlock your limitless potential through flow, book a FREE yoga assessment today. Let’s find your flow together, then you will discover anything is possible.



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