Why Yoga is for everyone series part 4 - athletes

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, Yoga has the potential to lift your athletic game in ways you may not have imagined.

That's right, I mentioned athlete and Yoga in the same sentence because Yoga is literally for everyone, as the title of the next instalment of this blog suggests.

So let's start at the beginning. Whether you are a serious professional athlete or an amateur working your way to professional, a solid Yoga practise has the potential to be a total game-changer. This is a big call you might be thinking! However, once you tap into a Yoga practice custom-tailored to your life, everything changes, including your sporting acumen.

Athletes push the limits of human potential, and therefore required to work at their optimum to achieve the results they desire. You can't push your physical potential without having a strong mindset, because so much of physical endurance relates to how you control your mind and how you recover from both training and competition.

Yoga is not simply exercise, so a personal yoga coach will do much more for you as an athlete than to expand your exercise regime. The eight limbs of Yoga allow athletes to tap into infinite human potential. Let's face it, what athlete doesn't want to find that edge in their performance, regardless whether they are a professional or an amateur.

So how does Yoga make such strong claims around performance? The answer to that question is much simpler than you might think.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, that in basic terms, means Union. The union of the body, mind and energy. This concept is not woo-woo. It is based on pure science and is a powerful resource to harness infinite human potential.

In sport, we already understand that the mind is powerful in expanding potential and pushing the body beyond its perceived limits. Expand this practice with Yoga & Mindfulness techniques, and those limits can move even further along the scale of infinite potential.

Through Yoga practices in better breathing, stretching, recovery, and spatial & body awareness, optimising your full athletic potential can be achieved.

Enhanced breathing techniques improves overall better circulation, which is good for the entire body's functionality. It also aids in muscle recovery and relaxation, which are important factors in an often hectic training regime that is intense on both the body and the mind.

A customised Yoga practise, including postures, can greatly assist in enhancing body flexibility and mobility, which in turn are preventative measures and can also aid in the recovery of injuries for athletes, if they occur.

Meditation practice helps bring calm when needed, along with a laser-sharp focus in any conditions. The skills that a solid meditation practise bring to the athletic arena are vastly underrated in all areas of sport. The power of applying attention to Intention in a flow state, in sport is a combination that few have learned to capitalise on. Yet when an athlete is prepared to extend their mind beyond the standard doctrine of sporting coaching, significant changes are possible.

This is the opportunity of infinite human potential in motion. It takes time and the application of focus, to master the union of the body, mind and energy. Yet the athletes that do, reap the rewards that are well worth the effort.

If you'd like to know more, reach out and book a FREE discovery session to find out how Yoga & Mindfulness could take your athletic game to the next level.