Why Yoga is for everyone series - part 1 - Children

I have taught yoga to a wide variety of people from children, mothers, the elderly, tradies through to corporate executives because there is a yoga path for everyone, no matter your age, fitness, lifestyle or sporting interests.

Children specifically benefit from learning yoga as it helps them to learn good habits to maintain movement, breath and stillness as their body grows and develops at every stage from infancy through to becoming your adults.

The earlier that yoga practices are introduced to children the better, and the greater the potential to support them in dealing with what comes at them in life. As parents, it is impossible to protect your children from everything. By teaching them better mechanisms to cope and respond rather than react, you are arming them with a set of skills that will serve them well as they navigate life in general.

Yoga also helps children to breathe like they never have before, which can be taught in fun and engaging ways. Improved breathing helps all functions of the body because oxygen is more efficiently exchanged in the body. Better oxygen exchange helps with calmness, stamina for sport and focus for education.

When children learn to enjoy the benefits of stillness, they are gaining an understanding of the power of pause, which is an invaluable skill in the technology world that they are growing up in right now. With constant stimulation, it is often difficult to get children to slow down, which in the long term can result in all kinds of problems including burn out, anxiety and depression. Trying to keep up with the barrage of the on-line stimulus with no endpoint takes its toll on children's mental and physical well being.

This combinations of working on breathing, stillness and movement create an overall sense of harmony and well-being which will serve them well in every stage of life, not just as children but also beyond into adulthood.

Movement in Yoga allows for full-body motion reducing the likelihood of injury and allowing them to participate with other children in physical activities. Sometimes children don't participate in sport more because of self-confidence rather than physical ability, especially as they get into the years when peer pressure starts to rise.

Yoga for children also supports good self-awareness and confidence, helping them as they grow. In different stages of life for children, there are unique challenges and yoga practices can effectively assist in supporting them all. As they develop an awareness of their surroundings, yoga can help them to understand the world they are engaged in and maintain their child-like sense of wonder and curiosity right through into adulthood.

For learning, curiosity is essential to keep children actively engaged in their education so that they can both enjoy school more and develop their minds well. Curiosity is a highly valued skill in the workforce, so to foster this early in your children is beneficial throughout their entire life.

The practices of breathing, movement and stillness help children to learn and grow into happy and confident teenagers, and then into well-adjusted adults. At a time when challenges come, including social & cultural conditioning, peer pressure and significant body changes, yoga can be invaluable in steering their ship in a healthy and harmonious direction.

The pressures that come with growing into young adults can feel overwhelming for children causing anxiety and depression, with their minds and emotion changing and developing all the time as they grow. Self-awareness, understanding and acceptance of who they are as an individual help them to show up in the world with comfort and ease.

Yoga can support your children at every stage, enabling healthy self-confidence so they can embrace their individuality with joy and loving-kindness. A child that learns to feels this way about themselves finds it much easier to engage well with others socially at all stages throughout life.

If you would like to support your child through a personalised empowered yoga journey reach out for a yoga discovery session with me today. Together we can co-create a space that allows your child to bloom into their most authentic version of themselves, giving them the best opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest.



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