Why Yoga is for everyone series part 3 - motherhood

Updated: May 14

Yoga is a magical thing that has the potential to serve you in life at every stage, non so beautiful as the journey of motherhood.

All stages of motherhood can be supported by developing a solid yoga practice. Beginning from prenatal to childbirth and beyond as the journey of motherhood takes many twists and turns.

I have never myself had the good fortune of becoming a mother. However, I have seen how the power of yoga supports mothers in a multitude of ways. Motherhood is a roller coaster spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. A solid yoga routine can play a pivotal role in navigating motherhood, both successfully and joyfully.


Yoga can beautifully prepare a mothers body for childbirth, supporting the movement that helps maintain body functions, including good circulation. Good circulation can make pregnancy that little bit easier, along with postures, aiding quality movement that supports the body throughout pregnancy. Yoga practises for pregnant women are tailored to meet the needs of the mother and the unborn child.


Breathwork, as part of a prenatal routine, is a great way to support both the mother and the unborn child's development. It is safe to commence postures from the second trimester of the pregnancy. However, breathwork can start right in the beginning. It is best to seek guidance on the most appropriate and gentle breathwork to undertake.

Through the support of good meditation and breathing techniques, a pregnant woman can feel more relaxed, helping to maintain a calmer disposition through the duration of her pregnancy.

Quality sleep is also important for a mother to be. Particularly whilst the growth of her unborn child puts extra pressure on her body. When a mother-to-be maintains a Yoga practise during pregnancy, there are many benefits. She can potentially have a much better experience in general with her pregnancy, including sleep and who doesn't want that?


The benefits in a good Yoga practice during childbirth are numerous. Good preparation for the body, mind and emotions supports more relaxation and calmness during the birthing process. Women I have supported with Yoga coaching, through their second pregnancy, say that the Yoga preparation helped them significantly during childbirth, as compared to their first pregnancy when they did not have a solid yoga practise.

Good breathing techniques help to keep the mother in a calm state in between contractions. When the focus is required as contractions begin, solid breathing practice can help, along with when pushing is required to progress the birth to its completion.


Postnatal a mother needs time to allow her body to recover. For standard non-cesarean delivery, it is recommended that a mother rests her body for at least eight weeks before commencing postural yoga practice. This gives the mum adequate time to rest and recover. For cesarean delivery, a mother should be guided by her doctor for the appropriate time to re-commence yoga postures.

However, breathwork & meditation is very useful in supporting the early stages of motherhood, immediately post-childbirth. This helps aid in maintaining calmness, good sleep, and overall well-being during this new time of life adjustment.


Progressing through all stages of motherhood can bring with it many challenges in life. A solid yoga practise can be instrumental in supporting a mother throughout all phases of motherhood.

Let's face it, we all know that children can be demanding throughout all stages of life. By creating a better balance in life in general, you can bring a better version of you to the table as a mother. The benefits for this are not merely for your wellbeing, but also for that of all those around you.

Would you like to feel calmer in all experiences as a mother?

The earlier you start your yoga practice in life, the sooner you get to experience the benefits. Find a yoga practice that fits into every stage of your life. It will morph as life progresses, but it will always be there for you to support you on your way.

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