Writing - The powerful purpose of leaving a legacy behind

Updated: May 14

People often find it interesting that I am a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach and a Writer. The two skills are quite different indeed, however, there is a reason I choose to do them both.

I coach people through Yoga & Mindfulness as an action within the present moment. The skills I use to coach, help people in their current life to learn, expand and transform to achieve their full potential. I find this work incredibly rewarding as I believe in the purposeful act of service. It brings me great joy in the present moment to support, nurture and see people grow beyond their wildest dreams, to turn their dreams into reality.

The beautiful people I get to meet through Yoga & Mindfulness Coaching bring as much to my life as I bring to theirs, enabling me to continue to expand and grow myself. I have coached children, men and women. All of these people have brought their unique perspectives of their life to the table. Some of which, I have never experienced in my life to date. It is the ability to recognise another's perspective that supports the growth of Infinite potential in us all.

However, it is writing where my legacy can truly outlast me. It is what I want to leave behind in the world long after I have gone. The written words of so many have continued to impact the world in unique ways. For me, writing enables me personally, the opportunity to continue to impact the world even once I leave it and continue on my forward journey. The immense power of this is incredible, and it fills me with hope for what the future holds beyond my lifetime.

This potential for legacy is what I like to consider my contribution to the world beyond me! The words I share on a page, whether it be in the pages of a book or a blog, are much more significant than me. As is my compulsion to do it with everything I have in me, and it is what drives me to get out of bed every day.

So the question I ask you is; what are you doing to share your legacy or your unique perspective out into the world long after you have gone?

I read an interesting quote recently. I can't recall it exactly, but it goes something like this.

"The cemetery is the saddest place in the world, not simply for the lost loved ones buried and remember there, but for the wisdom that they took with them to the grave."

These words struck a heavy chord with me when I read them.

My purpose in life is to leave as much of me behind in the written word. It is my wish to continue forward as my legacy, as much as I possibly can. I have been fortunate to have been blessed, with so many opportunities to grow as an individual. Throughout my life, I have gain skills, knowledge, experience and wisdom that I feel I must pass on.

What is your legacy? Is it something that you are not even aware of? Is there a book in you? What wisdom would be lost if you died today?

I hope that by sharing my story, it will help you to uncover the legacy story within you.

Would you like to know how to tap into your infinite potential to open up to your purpose?

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