Yoga - the simplicity of building awareness

There is a simplicity in building awareness through Yoga. It is easier than you think to foster once you overcome your mindset about what you think Yoga is.

The process of understanding begins with the subtle awareness of how you interact with the outside world through your body, mind, emotions and energy. This is where the inward journey begins. However, our external world is so full of stimulus, this is where we frequently get distracted and often never manage to move beyond it.

Like an iceberg above the surface, we only see the tip. Until we are prepared to use our knowledge of the outside world to take us inward our journey remains incomplete.

Today one sense serves us eighty percent of the time, which leave only twenty percent for the remaining four senses. Full awareness requires the interactions of all our senses so that we may experience the world fully and more openly.

So basically we are engaging with the external world mostly visually. Add to the mix social and cultural conditioning and our view becomes even more clouded. It is no wonder most of us never find our way beyond our conditioning. With the fast progressing world of technology, there is more and more to look at. The trap just becomes even bigger, like an endless rabbit hole of distraction.

Starting to develop awareness however is easier than you might think. Small steps in focus, bit by bit create the potential for expansion in awareness. First, we learn to observe, then we learn to disrupt and finally we learn to dismantle.

Techniques in breathing, movement and meditation help us at first to observe. Over time we learn to disrupt things including distraction as they arrive. Then finally we learn to dismantle the external view, by bringing in all senses into our observations. This full sensory awareness leads to a greater understanding of not only the external world around us, but more importantly how we are interacting with it.

Then we learn to be present and begin to be aware of the external world in a very different way. We potentially have had it wrong all along. We look outside of us for all the answers when they already exist within. This is why you can look an entire lifetime but never find the answers you seek. This is because they are not outside, they have always been within.

How do I know this you might be saying? Like everyone else, I spent most of my life looking out. I was never satisfied. I constantly wanted more but I never found it until I looked in. Inside you exists purpose, clarity, understanding and the authentic you waiting to be uncovered.

So if you’ve spent the last twenty, thirty, forty or even fifty years looking out, you have seen more than enough. It is never too late to step off the path and create a new one. Now it’s time to look in and complete the journey to your best life imaginable through the simplicity of building awareness.

Then an only then can you show up in the world complete and congruent with your life’s purpose. Where your life feels happy, full and purposeful fuelled from within.

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